Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TOP Ten things the French need to know about Tower of Power and their fans

TOP Ten things the French need to know about Tower of Power and their fans.  By Al Carlos

10. What you call a riot, we call lunch period at Oakland Tech High School.

9. Our horns never play retreat.

8. Don’t make us climb up and fly a Raiders Nation flag from the Eiffel tower.

7. When they say, Drunk as a Skunk, they ain't talking the cartoon dude, Pepe Le Pew...

6. Love your fries, toast, and kisses.

5. No one in Oakland thinks Jerry Lewis is that funny.

4. You may be famous for your wines, but we are famous for our winos.

3. Acting rude to a TOP roadie may affect your ability to procreate.
2. Tell your Army not to surrender during the horn intro to YSAYM.

1. Ladies, if Larry tells you to wave your arms in the air, don’t do it, if you ain’t shaved your hair.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Horn Driven Radio celebrates Strokeland Records

Horn Driven Radio celebrates Strokeland Records

Today, Strokeland Records announced a new addition to their musical "family", with the release of the "San Gabriel 7's" new cd, "Cottonwood Station". Over the past six months Strokeland has added several new artists, as well as new music from existing members of the label headed by “Tower Of Power” founding member “Doc Kupka”. With this in mind, Horn Driven Radio is featuring in our current music rotation, the music of all the artists affiliated with Strokeland.

In addition to Doc Kupka's own Strokeland Superband, Strokeland's artist roster is as follows:: Alias Smith and Lane, Barela, Bill Bergman & The Metro Jets, Bononia Sound Machine, Bruce Conte, Chad Rager Groove, Doctor Funk, Funkiphino, Hip Service, Jack Mack & The Heart Attack, Jeff Tamelier, Jimmy McIntosh, John Lee Sanders, Jon R. Smith, Larry Braggs, Lon Bronson, Mark Dolin, Mic Gillette, Mingo Fishtrap, Patrick Allen, Roger Smith, Ron E. Beck, Sage, San Gabriel 7, Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns, Tony Adamo, & The Zen Blues Quartet. For a complete list of the artists and songs in our current rotation, go to www.horndrivenradio.com.

For more information on Strokeland go to www.strokeland.com

Below is a complete list of Strokeland songs in the playlist. In Artist order not in order of play:

Alias Smith and Lane---Flashback
Alias Smith and Lane---Little Buggers
Alias Smith and Lane---Smile & Nod
Barela---Can You Ever Think
Barela---The Partys Here
Bill Bergman & The Metro Jets---G' Man
Bill Bergman & The Metro Jets---Sunday Mornin'
Bill Bergman & The Micro Jets---Soul Universe
Bononia Sound Machine---Doin' It Top Style
Bononia Sound Machine---ESP
Bononia Sound Machine---Place For Love
Bruce Conte---Pavo
Bruce Conte---Route 66
Bruce Conte---CT's Jam
Chad Rager Groove---Squib Cakes
Chad Rager Groove---The Heat's On
Chad Rager Groove---Whipping Post
Doctor Funk---Livin In Bump City
Doctor Funk---Can't Fight The Funk
Doctor Funk---Step Up To The Plate
Funkiphino---Hold On
Funkiphino---Rise Above
Glenn Walters with the Strokeland Superband---Yo' Love Is Far Out
Hip Service---Hip2DaFunk
Hip Service---Nuff Said
Hip Service---Sunday Morning
Jack Mack---Cardiac Party
Jack Mack & Heart Attack---Hooray For City
Jack Mack & Heart Attack---I Like Women
Jazz Rosco---Hopsctoch
Jazz Rosco---If You Want Me To Stay
Jazz Rosco---Party Up
Jeff Tamelier---E & J 4 Way
Jeff Tamelier---East of the Caldecott
Jeff Tamelier---Grease Release
Jimmy McIntosh---G-Spot
Jimmy McIntosh---It Was a Virus
Jimmy McIntosh---Mama Funk
John Lee Sanders---Foreclose On The House Of Love
John Lee Sanders---It's All Blues To Me
John Lee Sanders---Lost In The Shuffle
Jon R. Smith---A New Thing
Jon R. Smith---At Last
Jon R. Smith---Slow Jams
Larry Braggs---For Crying Out Loud
Larry Braggs---Halftime
Larry Braggs---Willin' To Learn
Lon Bronson---If You Aint Got Love
Lon Bronson---Tower Of Inspiration
Lon Bronson---White Punks On Dope
Mark Dolin---Belly Up
Mark Dolin---Can't Stop Thinkin' About Ya
Mark Dolin---The Parkin' Lot Hang
Mic Gillette---Abaco
Mic Gillette---If
Mic Gillette---Open Up The Door
Mingo Fishtrap---Baby Money
Mingo Fishtrap---Catch The Bus
Mingo Fishtrap---People Person
Patrick Allen---You Lit A Fire In Me
Patrick Allen---Good Lovin' Woman
Roger Smith---Fiesta
Roger Smith---Sittin' In
Roger Smith---Thinkin' 'Bout You
Ron E. Beck---Can't Go Back
Ron E. Beck---Rainbow
Ron E. Beck---When the Sun Goes Down
Sage---Make It Funky Edition
Sage---Nobody Does It Like You
San Gabriel 7---Phat Sushi
San Gabriel 7---Reseda Fire Road
San Gabriel 7---Stealin My Money
Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns---I'll Pack It Up
Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns---When The Curtain Goes Up
Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns---Wishing Well
Strokeland Superband---Bumped Up To First Class
Strokeland Superband---Color Me Gone
Strokeland Superband---Kick It Up A Step
Strokeland Superband---Just In Case You Wondered
Strokeland Superband---Let's Do Funk
Strokeland Superband With Fred Ross---When Little Jesse Hit The Set
Strokeland Superband With Fred Ross---It's The Law
Strokeland Superband With Glenn Walters---Animal Walk
Strokeland Superband With Glenn Walters---Diamond Billy's Uptown Bar-B-Que
Tony Adamo---Groove Therapy
Tony Adamo---No Strings
Tony Adamo---The Way You Do The Things You Do
Zen Blues Quartet---I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know
Zen Blues Quartet---Messin' With The Kid

Saturday, June 4, 2011

TOP Ten ways Tower of Power is getting ready for County Fair gigs By Al Carlos

10.The pig races is not what you think, if you are from Oakland.

9. Eating fried baloney in order to develop a corn dog tolerance.

8. Pat Rains is text messaging bearded lady so there are no conflicting dates.

7. Work on super secret 5 Alarm Oakland Chili recipes, guaranteed to make you move a colon, to enter into competition.

6. Remember, Carnival rides are not Ex Girlfriends.

5. Sensitivity training for newer players who may fear Carney's.

4. New contracts without a “cash or cattle” provision as payment.

3. Remembering that 4 H doesn’t mean; Ho’s, Harleys, Harlots, and Herbs.

2. Remind Tom there is a $10,000 putting contest at the Alameda Fair.

1. Procuring Industrial strength bald head sun block lotion.