Thursday, July 29, 2010

TOP Ten reasons they want Bump City Bill out of the hospital :By Al Carlos

(Get well my Friend we are all praying for you Homie)

10. Keeps asking the nurses to help find his stroke.

9. There is no such thing as a malt liquor IV drip.

8. After the heart is stabilized, wants them to fix his hips so he can dance better.

7. Puts his gown on backwards on purpose.

6. Has his laptop cranked to the Max with

5. Keep asking who is Myrtle and why are they calling her a "Beach?''

4. Waking up saying, “There is no place like Oakland; there is no place like Oakland…”

3. Asking the Nurse practitioner if he can take her temperature.

2. He is accusing all the other patients of having Honky Pox.

1. He keeps telling staff he is a Bumpster, not a Teamster.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Greg Adams Short Story posted last Monday

Sunday Short Story on Monday Halifax, Nova Scotia

"I'm gonna say winter 1980. The band was booked for a week at a club in Halifax. I can't remember the name of it. Perhaps someone reading this might. Who knows? But, it was a good weeks engagement and we played to big audiences. It wasn't snowing the day we arrived, but it came later in the week. And, oh boy did it snow.

The motel we stayed at was across the water looking at the downtown area. It was located at the top of a moderately steep hill that road that took you to the motel's location. Great view. But when it started to snow later in the week, that hill would become quite a challenge to get up in the rental cars late at night after the gig. And coming down the next day since the road entered the highway immediately at the bottom was dicey at best. As I said, the gig was great every night, and the days, well I'm sure you're aware of the seafood in Halifax. One word: Lobster. I think I had lobster for lunch everyday. There wasn't a restaurant at the motel so we'd drive into town for lunch. It was served at most restaurants in several styles, but my fave is plain old steamed. Can't beat it. Butter and lemon. Yum!...

OK, enough about food. Although it was getting harder to play my horn since I was now developing claws for my hands. The band toured probably 200 plus days a year in this era. Several of us had purchased Halliburton suitcases because they were considered indestructable. Even airtight. They were aluminum and weighed a ton. At the time it was quite the status symbol for the extensive and seasoned traveller. I'm on my third one but only use it internationally because fo the weight. Chester Thompson was the latest and newest member to our little Halliburton club as he'd just purchased one for this trip to Canada. Have you ever checked a brand new suitcase at the airport? You kind of wonder what it's going to look like at the other end at baggage claim. C.T., that's what we called Chester, opted for the deluxe model with the copper-rose tint to the exterior. OOOH. The rest of us had the standard aluminum color. To tell the truth, his made the trip unscathed for the most part. He was very relieved. But not for long. Oh boy...

Well, the week has come to an end and we have to bid Halifax a fond farewell. We're in the parking lot of the motel packing luggage into the cars to leave for the airport to fly home. Remember that icy driveway down to the highway? Well, C.T. apparently had placed his new suitcase in a precarious spot next to one of the cars. He'd just turned his back and boom! It fell on it's side and was off and sliding down the road. It looked like a luge that was gaining speed with every second. Got air a few times. Boom Bam Boom Bam! It must have been goiin 35 or 40 mph by the time it crossed the highway and landed in the ditch on the other side. Oh boy. There was nothing we could do and C.T. was now in shock. We got him in a car, finished packing and went down the road to retrieve the body, er, suitcase. It's a good thing there was no traffic at the time, huh?

All in all it couid have been worse. The locks held so at least it didn't open up and spew his belongings all over. When we reached the ditch on the other side of the road it really didn't look to much different than the rest of ours. His initiation to the Halliburton club was now complete!
Oh, by the way, I did manage to bring 2 two pound lobsters home with me. They sold them at the airport in a box with dry ice. Yum with melted butter and lemon that night at home with Andrea".
See you next week.

Check Greg out at or

Friday, July 23, 2010

TOP Ten things your kids say about you as a TOP fanatic :By Al Carlos

10. Hello, when we visited Oakland we got car jacked.

9. No one says “Funky” anymore that is sooo 70tys retro whack.

8. Rather go to the dentist then to sit next to you with that raggedy Chicken fist shirt on.

7. …and Why do they play the same songs over and over every year?

6. Pop, Last time you went to a nightclub you had hair and a chance.

5. Mom, I swear, if you start dancing I will totally die.

4. You were a young man 45 years ago, live with it.

3. Dad, I need a I Phone so I can send videos of the band to my friends, they all think TOP is awesome too.

2. Ok, I get it, they are way, way better than Chicago, but who is Chicago?

1. Hello?, you can’t have soul and wear loafers with tassles.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Greg Adams Short Stories now on

Every Sunday Greg Adams posts a "Short Story" on his "East Bay Soul" facebook page. These Short Stories have become quite popular, and we here at are pleased to announce that we will be re-posting the stories for those non-facebook users to read. Each Sunday we will post the preceding weeks story as originally posted by Greg. The stories are varied and cover Greg's time with Tower Of Power up through recent times.
Last weeks story, is about Greg's performance with Celine Dion at the Dec. 03, 2008 Pre-Grammy Award Show.
Greg Adams: "My good friend Gregg Phillangaines calls me up and asks me if I'm busy on December 3rd. I have nothing booked so I ask him what's up. At the time he was playing with Toto, so I figured it might be a record date with them. Gregg's a kidder, and he keeps asking little questions to get my curiousity up. "Wanna do a show?" "Wanna do a TV show?" "Wanna play with Celine Dion?" Wow. Didn't see that one coming. Why yes. I can be available for that. Turned out the show was going to be the Grammy Awards Nomination Show on prime time CBS. I'm sure you remember how both the Grammy and Oscar awards nominations were announced live early in the morning not so long ago. If you were on the West Coast and you got nominated, you got a phone call at about 5:30 am. This was the first time The Recording Academy was doing it live with an hour long show with several stars singing and playing.
Celine wanted me to accompany her. How flattering was that? She was singing Janis Ian's " At Seventeen ". The night before the telecast, she was playing at the Staples, so that would be where we would rehearse during her sound check. I arrived at the appointed time and went through the song with the band before she arrived. When she walked onstage it was as if we were old friends. A hug and kisses on both cheeks. She couldn't thank ME enough for doing this with her. Oh boy...
After we went through the song a few times, she said she wished she had more time but that she had to finish up her soundcheck. More hugs. And as I'm putting my horn away, not ten feet away from me, she launches into that little old song she sang in Titanic. Oh boy! She delivered like the arena wa...s sold out. Not much takes my breath away, but holy s#*t. It was stunning. What a singer. Everybody knows what kind of chops she has, but OMG...
Next day, Nokia Theater where the show was being broadcasted. I call live TV "hurry up and wait". Also on the show were a couple of people you might have heard of: Mariah Carey, Christina A., Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters and more that I can't remember. Each waited their slot to get the stage for rehearsal and camera blocking. We got about an hour to play the song as many times as they needed and wanted. Then the wait. And the wait...
The live feed went at 5 PST to the east coast. We were called to the stage. The band went on during the commercial break to get into position. Celine and I stood in the wing to walk on. She first, then I'd walk on for my solo. Right before she was introduced, she turned to me and took my hand and s...aid, "I love you." I kissed her hand and said, "I love you, too." What a moment! Oh boy!"

Below is the video from the Grammy performance:

For more info on Greg Adams go to or

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bononia Sound Machine New Release "Funky Dreams"

Bononia Sound Machine will be releasing their second CD “Funky Dreams” during the Porretta Soul Festival July 22nd. is please to announce that we are debuting four songs from the Bolonia, Italy based band.  Many of the songs on the CD feature guest artists that are current, and former members of the one and only Tower Of Power.

The four songs just added to our rotation are:

Written by: R. Bafunno, V. Mazzocchi,
Special Guests:
Paolo Carboni – Trombone.
David Garibaldi – Drums.
Fred Guarneri – Percussion.
Jeff Tamelier – Electric Guitar (solo), Special FX.

Written by: A. Morini, E. Villani,
Horns arranged by: Greg Adams.
Special Guests:
Mic Gillette - Trumpet, Trombone.
Jeff Tamelier – Electric Guitar.

3. E.S.P.
Written by: J. Tamelier, S Kupka.
Horns arranged by: Greg Adams.
Special Guests:
Stef Burns – Electric Guitar (solo).
Paolo Carboni – Trombone.
Fred Guarneri – Percussion.
Jeff Tamelier – Vocals, Special FX.


Written by: J. Tamelier, E. Castillo, B. Carter.
Horns arranged by: Greg Adams.
Special Guests:
Paolo Carboni - Trombone.
Emilio Castillo - Co-lead Vocals.
Fred Guarneri - Percussion.
Stephen Kupka - Baritone Sax.
Jeff Tamelier – Electric Guitar, Background Vocals.

Bononia Sound Machine is:

RAF BAFUNNO: Electric Pianos, Clavinet, Synthesizers, Strings, beatbox programming, Background Vocals.
LORENZO BOMBACINI: Band Leader, Baritone Sax, Tenor Sax, Background Vocals ALESSANDRO BUSSOLARI: Trumpet.
ALESSANDRO DALTRI: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Background Vocals.
VIC JOHNSON: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Rap, Harmonica
ALESSANDRO MORINI: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
ALBERTO PIETROPOLI: Alto Sax, Tenor, Flute, Background Vocals.
RENATO RAINERI: Drums, Percussion.
ELENA VILLANI: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals.

CD artwork will be published at a later date, along with outlets where CD can be purchased.

For more information on Bononia Sound Machine go to

Monday, July 12, 2010

Playlist Update for 07/12/10

Listed below is our current playlist...lots of funk in this playlist!!!

Playlist is in Artist Order and Not in Order of Play:

Anthony Setola---Oakland And Back
Average White Band---Back To Basics
Average White Band---Every Beat Of My Heart
Average White Band---Got The Love
Back To Basic---Key To Your Heart
Back To Basic---No Mumbo Jumbo
Back To Basic---Peace And Understanding
Barela---Can You Ever Think
Barela---Tower Pops
Bernie Worrell---Rock The House
BIG HORNS BEE---Vamp Intro (Reprise)
Bing & the Bingtones---Funk With Me
Blowzone---Pocket Change
BlowZone---Sucker Punch
Bononia Sound Machine---Childred Of The Sun
Bononia Sound Machine---Very Little Good Time
Bononia Sound Machine---Wasted Time
Brecker Bros.---Some Skunk Funk
Brecker Brothers---Funky Sea, Funky Dew
Brian Culbertson---Hollywood Swinging feat. Musiq Soulchild & Gerald Albright
Brian Culbertson---Voices Inside (Everything To Everything) feat. Eddie Miller & David T. Walker
Brian Culbertson---You Got To Funkifize feat Chance Howard
Bull City Syndicate---Brother Man
Bull City Syndicate---You Make Me Feel
Candy Dulfer---2 Funky
Candy Dulfer---Drop It In The Slot
Carmen Grillo---Dr. In The House
Charles Wright---Love Land
Chilly Bob---Soul A Plexus
Clarence Reid---Nobody But You Babe
Cold Blood---Back Here Again
Cold Blood---Down To The Bone
Cold Blood---You Got Me Hummin
Cracked Ice---New Shade Of Bue
Doctor Funk---Livin In Bump City
Doctor Funk---Step Up To The Plate
Doctor Funk---We Could Make A Cool Hang
Dyke & The Blazers---Let A Woman Be A Woman - Let A Man...
East Bay Soul---East Bay Soul
East Bay Soul---iHope
East Bay Soul---Jump, Shout & Holler
Eric Miyashiro---Ken's Bar
Five Alarm Funk---Big City
Five Alarm Funk---Don Mega
Francis Rocco Prestia---Don't Play Around
Francis Rocco Prestia---Everybody on the Bus
Freeport---I Couldn't Let You Go
Freeport---Keep it Up All Alone the Line
Funk Filharmonik---Everybody Get Down
Funk Filharmonik---Gimme Lovin'
Funk Filharmonik---We Get The Notion
Funkiphino---Hold On
Funkiphino---Rise Above
Glenn Walters with the Strokeland Superband---Yo' Love Is Far Out
Gota Yashiki---What's Up Charlie
Heavy Metal Horns---Grease It
Heavy Metal Horns---Horns In The House
Heavy Metal Horns---You're Still A Young Man
Here Come The Mummies---Believe (In Things You Cannot See)
Here Come the Mummies---Bump
Hip Service---Hip2DaFunk
Horny Funk Brothers---Come Together
Jacob Merlin---Madness (Featuring Mic Gillette)
James Brown---Cold Sweat
James Brown---Mother Popcorn
James Brown---Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
Jazz Police---Tower Tribute
Jeff Tamelier---East of the Caldecott
Jerry Stucker---No Strings
Jukejoint---Chewy Goodness
Karl Denson---I Want the Funk
Kool & the Gang---Funky Stuff
L.A. Boppers---Where Do The Bop Go?
Little Royal---Razor Blade
Lon Bronson---What Is Hip?
Maceo & The Macks---Soul Power '74
Maceo Parker---Chicken
Maceo Parker---Southwick
MGB-Mic Gillette Band---Moondoggie
Mic Gillette---Tell Mama
Mic Gillette---Funky Good Time
Mic Gillette---Open Up The Door
Mingo Fishtrap---Baby Money
Mingo Fishtrap---Dirty Gritty
Mingo Fishtrap---People Person
New York Horns---Bring That Friend Of Yours
Out Of Control---Cardiac Party
Pee Wee Ellis---Cold Sweat / Licking Stick Licking Stick
Prime Time Funk---Champs Elysees
Prime Time Funk---Piece Of My Heart
Ridin' Thumb---Know What I Mean
Rippopotamus---Fanfare Of Funk
Sage---Make It Funky
Sage---Soul Patrol
Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns---Ain't That Peculiar
Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns---Wishing Well
Santa Fe And The Fat City Horns---Dat Greazy Thang
Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns---Livin' For The City
Sly & The Family Stone---Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
Strokeland Superband---Color Me Gone
Strokeland Superband---Just In Case You Wondered
Strokeland Superband With Fred Ross---When Little Jesse Hit The Set
The J.B.'s---Pass The Peas
The JB Horns---Bop U
The JB Horns---I Like It Like That
The Lincolns---Don't Fight It
Tower Of Power---And You Know It
Tower Of Power---Ball And Chain
Tower Of Power---Give Me The Proof
Tower Of Power---Pocketful Of Soul
Tower of Power---So Very Hard To Go
Tower Of Power---The Price
Yoichi Murata---The Chicken

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Update on Josh Shpak

Last week we posted info about Josh Shpak who at 17 sat in with Tower of Power a few weeks ago.

I have been in contact with Michael Miller Josh's mentor.  Michael has been the one recording all of the video's about Josh that are on youtube. Below is an email that Michael sent to Mic Gillette, after our article and a posting on Tower Of Power's site:

Dear Mic,

This whole thing for Josh is like the most awesome dream-come-true! He'll be amazed to learn that a story about him and his clips are now on the Tower of Power website! And he (and Noah, Clark, Gwen and I) were all amazed at the story your internet radio friend (HornDrivenRadio) wrote on Josh...we read it at the dinner table last night at Clark's (Clark Terry) house!

You have done yet another wonderful thing in the life of young Josh....

Thanks so very much for letting him share in some of the awesomeness that you are!

Aloha from Clarkansas,

Looks like Josh is in good hands with Michael on his side.
Josh performing Your Still A Young Man with TOP:

Here's a video of Josh with Mic Gillete from a few years ago:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns Return to the Palm.

I had been sitting at home all weekend with a nasty sinus cold, not feeling well at all. Monday I was still feeling down in the dumps but I decided to get off my butt and go check out Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns for their first night back at the Palms. I need what Jerry Lopez (Santa Fe’s band leader) calls “A Healing”. I went to the show (with my son and a friend) early not sure of what to expect, since there is now a cover charge of $7.00 to see the band. Yes, that’s right, a cover charge of $7.00 dollars to see one of the best bands anywhere, pretty inexpensive in my book. Getting there early paid off as we ended up getting seats right up front.

As we were sitting there, I noticed that most of the horn section was going to be subs. As it turns out only two of the six member horn section were regulars. A highlight however was that one of subs was none other than Brandon Fields. Brandon often sits in with Santa Fe, but I have never seen him sit in for an entire show, much less as a sub. Well needles to say the horn section was firing on all cylinders, as was the rest of the band. Some excellent solo work was provided by the “The Subs” as well. In spite of nearly a two month break the band didn’t miss a beat. I think the band may have been just as glad to be playing together as the audience was, the guys were very animated, and once again the musicianship was spot on. It really amazes my how deep the talent here is in Las Vegas, when you can virtually swap out an entire horn section, yet the sound remains the same.

As for the $7.00 cover, well it didn’t seem to bother anyone. The house was packed, so much so, that the curtains into the room were shut, meaning all the seating was gone.

To Jerry and the rest of Santa Fe, I guess the “Healing” thing really works, I’m feeling better today than I have in last ten days. Not only is there spiritual healing going on, but a physical one as well.

Photo of Brandon Fields, Courtesy of Bobby Gladd

For more info on Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns go to or

AC's interview of former Santana Drummer Michael Shrieve

AC recently conducted an interview with former Sanata Drummer Michael Shrieve for Herald de Paris.  The link to the article can be found here: Michael Shrieve Interview.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sons Of Champlin Tour Begins Next Week, Plus AC's Interview with Bill Champlin

Just a reminder, the "Sons Of Champlin" begin a summer tour of California and the Pacific Northwest this Wednesday July 7th in Sebastopol, CA.  Our own AC Hernandez recently conducted an interview with Bill Champlin for Herald de Paris, here is the link to that interview "Interview".  For a complete list of the "Sons" upcoming tour please see the info below:

Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns Return To The Palms

This Monday night July 5th, marks the return of Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns to The Palms Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas.  The show begins at 10:30 PM.  There is now a cover charge of $7.00, but the money goes directly to the band.  Get out and support one of baddest bands in the west.

For more info on Santa Fe go to