Friday, July 23, 2010

TOP Ten things your kids say about you as a TOP fanatic :By Al Carlos

10. Hello, when we visited Oakland we got car jacked.

9. No one says “Funky” anymore that is sooo 70tys retro whack.

8. Rather go to the dentist then to sit next to you with that raggedy Chicken fist shirt on.

7. …and Why do they play the same songs over and over every year?

6. Pop, Last time you went to a nightclub you had hair and a chance.

5. Mom, I swear, if you start dancing I will totally die.

4. You were a young man 45 years ago, live with it.

3. Dad, I need a I Phone so I can send videos of the band to my friends, they all think TOP is awesome too.

2. Ok, I get it, they are way, way better than Chicago, but who is Chicago?

1. Hello?, you can’t have soul and wear loafers with tassles.