Sunday, August 28, 2011

Greg Adams Short Story Replay

Mid '80s-mid 90s Europe. There was always a familiar itinerary for me in Europe through these years. Fly into London for the first shows then cross the English Channel to begin our dates on the continent. At some point we'd play in Amsterdam after doing Scandinavia and Finland. Arnhem, Holland would always follow Amsterdam.

Before I continue let me say that any chance I could get to take the train in Europe, I'd do it. I'd discovered a wonderful ride that never disappointed. It was from Arnhem to Baden-Baden, Germany. The routine was always the same: the band would play the show in Arnhem and leave after the show and drive all night in the bus to Baden-Baden for the next night's appearance on a TV show that was very much like Dave Letterman's show. I can't remember the name of it, but the host even looked a little bit like Dave.

Anyway, I'd grab a hotel room in Arnhem while they drove all night. Get up at 6 AM and be on a train to Baden-Baden at 7. I'd leave my suitcase and horns on the bus and travel light with only my LV shoulder bag. (Those bags were affordable then compared to today's prices. I still have it even though it has several hundred thousand miles on it.) This particular train route had an excellent dining car and I would always savor the lunch in the dining car.

"I Thought About You" is a song that is dear to me because as the years went by I'd always think to myself as I was on this train how much I wished Andrea was here with me to enjoy this with me. I mean how cool was this: I'd spend a little extra for a first class ticket. The route went right along the Rhine River for quite awhile passing castle ruins. I reserved a spot at a table for lunch as soon as I boarded and headed for the dining car at the time slot I was given. Sometimes I'd dine alone or eat with three other people. Either way was always great Now, the food.

Everyone knows that the food in Europe is good, and dining cars on trains are no slouch either. Oh boy. This a German train. Always a delicious Wienerschnitel or sauerbraten. Sometimes a saute'd veal scallopini with a mushroom sauce. The potatoes au'gratin and vegetables du jour, usually roasted with fresh herbs were over the top. Everything on the menu was great. And great wines, too. A half carafe did just fine. And bottled mineral water, no gas was complimentary. Dessert, anyone? Why, of course. Oh, and I'll take my coffee and Cognac in the smoking car with my cigar.

I mean, this was over the top. This was my little break mid tour to get away from the band. A little pricey, but well worth it, wouldn't you say? And here's the clincher. I would arrive in Baden-Baden a couple of hours before the bus pulled in to town everytime. Andrea and I have ridden several trains in Europe over the years and we've yet to be on a trip with a dining car like this one to B-B. Damn! One of these days. I promise you, dahling. I Thought About You...

"I Thought About You" Composed by Jimmy Van Heusen with lyrics by Johnny Mercer. My favorite version: Frank Sinatra - Songs for Swingin' Lovers! (1956)

I took a trip on a train and I thought about you.
I passed a shadowy lane and I thought about you.
Two or three cars parked under the stars a winding stream.
Moon shining down on some little town
And with each beam the same old dream.

And every stop that we made I thought about you.
And when I pulled down the shade then I really felt blue.
I peaked through the crack and looked at the track,
The one going back to you and what did I do?
I thought about you.

There were two or three cars parked under the stars...
a windin' stream.
Moon shining down on some little town
And with each beam the same old dream.

And then I peaked through the crack and I looked at that track,
The one going back to you, and what did I do...
I thought about you.

See you next week...

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jack Mack News, New CD Release Announced

New CD Release....

The long awaited 30th Anniversary recording, SOUL MEETING”, will be released in August, 2011. The record features 12 amazing tracks. 7 originals and 5 “re-imaginations”, including two by the late great Solomon Burke. “Don’t Give Up On Me”, which has a wonderful Lee Thornburg horn arrangement a la Ray Charles, and “Soul Meeting” which features 5 singers: Bill Champlin, Max Carl, Mike Finnigan, Tim Scott and Mark Campbell all sharing the lead. Also, The Rolling Stones classic, “Under My Thumb” in the spirit of Otis Redding, circa 1969. Also included are Burt Bacharach’s, “Walk On By” and Otis Redding’s, “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” – Featuring 2010 America’s Got Talent winner, Michael Grimm. The original songs include:

”Ride The Rocket”, describing lead singer, Mark Campbell’s high school days, ”Soul Man” is a tribute to all the legendary soul singers who have passed away, “Sha La La” is an ode to street corner singers, and “I Just Need You”, sung by bassist, Bruce Atkinson is a Sam Cooke influenced shuffle. The bluesy, funky tracks: “What You See Is What You Get”, and “A New Past”, a song penned for this album and sung by former, Jack Mack and 38 Special lead singer, Max Carl. “Hard To Fall” is a gritty get down to the bone Rock and Soul groove. Former band members: John Paruolo, Kevin Cloud, Lee Thornburg, Tim Scott, Rick Shlosser, Tony Braunagel and Jim Coile all appear on the project in addition to a special guest appearance by blues legend, Curtis Salgado, 2010 Blues Foundations Soul Blues Male Artist of the Year..

The Band is also working on dates for Fall of 2011 as well as an extensive tour in 2012.

From Jack Mack "Come celebrate our 30th anniversary and release of our new CD at Harvelles in Santa Monica, Aug 27, 2011."

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Video of Jack Macks new song Sha La La

Friday, August 19, 2011

TOP Ten good perks for Tower of Power doing a hometown Oakland gig By: Al Carlos

10.Everybody knows them and many think they were in the band.
9. Ride your Harley backstage.

8. Don't have to carpool to work.

7. Visual proof to neighbors and relatives that you indeed have a job.

6. Wives can see for themselves that women fans are no threat to steal their man.

5. On the other hand, single band members can catch major Babe rides home.

4. You can put the poker game on hold, do the gig, then come back and finish the game.

3. You can get what you want, because you know where to find it.

2. You can ban girls who wouldn't date you, from the backstage area.

1. Don't have to look for "The Stroke".

Monday, August 15, 2011

Updated Playlsit

Playlist updated today.  Playlist is in Artist order and not in order of play.  List is as follows:

***Afroskull-Space Chicken
***Ain't No Thang-Sister Long Legs
***Al Green-Let's Stay Together
***Al Kooper-Finderskeeper
***Alias Smith and Lane-Little Buggers
***Anthony Setola-Oakland And Back
***Ava Lemert-I Wanna Funk It Up
***Average White Band-Pick Up The Pieces
***Back To Basic-No Mumbo Jumbo
***Band of Oz-Wall to Wall
***Barela-Tower Pops
***Barry Danielian-Common Ground
***Beaufunk-Change Gonna Come Fa Bette
***Betty Wright-Shoorah! Shoorah!"
***Big Maybelle-96 Tears
***Bill Bergman & The Metro Jets-Laguna
***Bill Champlin-Stone Cold Hollywood
***Bill Evans-The Shorty Shuffle
***Bing & The Bingtones-Old Soul Music
***Blood, Sweat & Tears-Nuclear Blues
***BlowZone-Pocket Change
***Bob James-Farandole
***Bobby Wayne-Soul's Got A Sound
***Bona Fide-The Horse You Came In On
***Bononia Sound Machine-ESP
***Bradley Leighton-Café Con Leche
***Brand New Heavies-Have A Good Time
***Brandon Fields-Grapevine
***Brecker Brothers-Some Skunk Funk
***Bull City Syndicate-My Baby Loves You
***Candy Dulfer-Valdez In The Country
***Carmen Grillo-Dr. In The House
***Chad Rager Groove-Whipping Post
***Charles Wright-Express Yourself
***Chase-Open Up Wide
***Clayton/Scott Group-Color Of Love
***Cold Blood-I Just Want To Make Love To You
***Cracked Ice-New Shade Of Bue
***Dave Koz-The Dance
***Dave Murphy Band-Right This Moment
***David Clayton - Thomas -Mornin' Blues
***David Raitt & Jimmy Thackery-Id Rather Be Blind, Crippled, & Crazy
***David Sanborn-Snakes
***Dko the Darren Kramer Organization-Quench!
***DoctorfunK-Right Here
***Doug And The Slugs-It's Got To Be Monday
***Dream Band-Sweet Home Chicago
***Earth, Wind & Fire-Got To Get You Into My Life
***East 4th HornS-I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
***East Bay Soul-Jump, Shout & Holler
***Eric Bolvin-Time Bomb
***Fontella Bass-Rescue Me
***Francis Rocco Prestia-Don't Play Around
***Funk Filharmonik-We Get The Notion
***Gangbuster-Mercy Mercy
***Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band-There's The Rub
***Gota Yashiki -What's Up Charlie
***Greg Adams-Moon Over Palmilla
***Heavy Metal Horns-Hang Up Your Hangups
***Huey Lewis & The News-Don't Fight It
***Ides of March-Vehicle
***Jacob Merlin-Madness (Featuring Mic Gillette)
***James Brown-I Got You (I Feel Good)
***James Taylor-Whenever Your Ready
***Jay Soto-Slammin'
***Jazz Rosco-If You Want Me To Stay
***Jeff Golub-Cold Duck Time
***Jerry Lopez-San Diego
***Joe McBride-Sara Smile
***Kal David-Devil In Me
***King Beez-Against The Grain
***L.A. Boppers-Where Do The Bop Go?
***Larry Carlton-Minute By Minute
***Lee Ritenour-Is It You?
***Levon Helm-Take Me To The River
***Lighthouse-One Fine Morning (Canadian Mix)
***Little Mike & The Sweet Soul Music Band-Free Ride
***Little Willie John-All Around The World
***Lloyd Jones-I've Got To Get You Back
***Louise Hoffsten-Shut Up And Kiss Me
***Luther Kent & Trick Bag-Let The Good Times Roll
***Lynyrd Skynyrd-Whats Your Name
***Mandrill-Mango Meat
***Mann Brothers-Afternoon Delight
***Maynard Ferguson-Give It One
***Michelle Shocked w/Tower of Power-Barefootin'
***Mighty Sam McClain-I'm Sorry
***Mike Reilly-Whos Been Sleeping In My Bed
***Nate Najar featuring Melba Moore-Groove Me
***Nils Landgren Funk Unit-Compared To What
***Pat O'Donnell-Tee Time
***Players Association-The Closer I Get To You
***Powertrump-Twice As Good, For Half As Much
***Richard Elliot-The Boys From The Bay
***Rufus Thomas-Who's Making Love
***Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns-I'll Pack It Up
***Smokin With Superman-2 Sweet Fine Hams
***Soulpatrol-Get Up!
***Steve Ferrone-STEVE FERRONE - Put It In
***Stevie Wonder-Masterblaster
***Strokeland Superband-Let's Do Funk
***Super Funky Express-One More Dance
***Terry Wollman-If You Say So
***The artists of the New York Trumpet Company-Intercontinental Drift
***The Bamboos-Tongan Steel
***The Bo-Keys-Back at the Chicken Shack
***The Buckinghams-Don't You Care
***The Buckinghams-Kind of a Drag
***The Chops Band-Scrapple And Grits
***The Commitments-Mr. Pitiful
***The Funk On Me-Yo, Funk It Up!
***The Groove Hogs-Shoulda Read The Rules
***The Mellow Fellows-I've Got To Find A Way
***The Sons of Champlin-Tabacco Road
***Tim Akers & The Smoking Section-Superstition
***Tom Scott-Sarah, Sarah
***Tommy Castro-Big Sisters Radio
***Tortilla Factory-"Cookin"
***Tower Of Power-You Ought to Be Havin' Fun
***Tower Of Power-Why Do You Do My Heart Like That
***Van Morrison-Moondance
***Wet Willie-Weekend (full version)
***Wilson Pickett-Do You Like Good Music
***Yoichi Murata-Access
***Zen Blues Quartet-What A Life

Monday, August 8, 2011

Greg Adams Short Story Replay

Greg Adams posts shorts stories from his career in music on the East Bay Soul Facebook page.  Here is a replay of one of those stories.

Greg Writes: In the late '70s and through the '80s we (TOP) would play Harrah's Casinos in South Lake Tahoe and Reno 3 times a year. One week back to back. At this time we were playing the Cabaret, not the headliner's room, The High Sierra Theater. I think that's what it's called at the lake, anyway.  We'd do 2 sets a night alternating with the topless/magic show.

This particular week, Sammy Davis, Jr. was in the big room. How cool was that?  In between our shows we'd scoot in and grab an empty seat or stand in the wings backstage and catch part of his show. He'd do the same sometimes when we were playing our set. Once again, how cool was that? Sam the man!

You could tell he was mellowing with age very gracefully, yet he was still very on top of his game and lived up to his legendary status.  He really would push the audience's buttons when need be.  As the week went on, the hang got cooler and cooler. As the last night of his and our week came closer, he said, "Hey man, let's have a party after the gig on Saturday". A party with Sammy Davis Jr. Once again, how cool is that? Con Conk a Jong  In his suite no less! Oh, by the way, did anybody know that he cooked gourmet Chinese food? He spent the day cooking in the hotel kitchen 8-course dinner for about 25 of us, cast and crew, from both our bands, and the T and A show. Unbelievably delicious! He made a list for the kitchen to get the items he needed and they came through with everything.

So here we were. It looked like a scene out of Playboy After Dark, what with all the dancers languishing, and I mean languishing around the suite. Only thing missing was Hef.
As we ate, he very humbly held court and for about an hour answered questions and told stories about his career. Unbelievable Rat Pack stories. Can't repeat them here. Never will. How cool was that? A once in a lifetime experience for me.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Latest Greg Adams Kickstarter Update

Here we are, 3 DAYS AWAY from the end of a campaign that has been amazing from the very first minute of the East Bay Soul 2.0 launch.
Thanks to all our recent backers!  And to those that were with us from the beginning and to the many who upped the ante in True Funk Soldier fashion! We are making strides and creeping closer tour goal and more confident everydayWE WILL MAKE IT TO 25 THOUSDAND DOLLARS! 
We had a glitch this morning and we are waiting for kickstarter to get back to us with the corrected update. We are 125 Strong and the correct amount Pledged is $21,238! There is nothing wrong with being able to Pledge... Thankfully!  So... Please keep pushing and spreading the word far and wide and remember every little bit helps! 
The band is really excited that we are nearing the finish line... and last night in Detroit there were chants "We are going to make a record: There is really something special about anticipating starting to record and having you all involved on the fornt end has made that anticipation something that is really exciting! 
We are almost 85% to our our goal. JUST 3 DAYS TO GO!! $3,732 to 100%. WE CAN DO THIS!  
All I can say to you over and over and over again is THANK YOU!  
Soulfully yours,
Greg and the East Bay Soul Family
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    Monday, August 1, 2011

    TOP Ten ways office people celebrate Birthdays in Oakland By Al Carlos

    10. Bacardi 151 in your commute coffee thermos.

    9. Spend the day bar hopping, slap fighting and wrist wrestling on Harley’s with band members.

    8. Go to lunch with the babe receptionist and don’t come back.

    7. Whoever announces your real age gets eyebrows shaved while napping.

    6. Its Birthday not Birfday, dork.

    5. Sit down, have a smoke, tell a joke, and clown some old folk.

    4. Re gifting should not include open bottles of carbonated liquor.

    3. Any cakes without your name on it are stolen.

    2. Potato salad is considered a thoughtful gift as long as you give the Tupperware back.

    1. It is customary if given a Lottery ticket, to break off the giver half, should you win anything over a Hunnad.