Friday, August 19, 2011

TOP Ten good perks for Tower of Power doing a hometown Oakland gig By: Al Carlos

10.Everybody knows them and many think they were in the band.
9. Ride your Harley backstage.

8. Don't have to carpool to work.

7. Visual proof to neighbors and relatives that you indeed have a job.

6. Wives can see for themselves that women fans are no threat to steal their man.

5. On the other hand, single band members can catch major Babe rides home.

4. You can put the poker game on hold, do the gig, then come back and finish the game.

3. You can get what you want, because you know where to find it.

2. You can ban girls who wouldn't date you, from the backstage area.

1. Don't have to look for "The Stroke".