Wednesday, September 23, 2009 is pleased to announce that we have three songs from the new Greg Adams offering "East Bay Soul" the self titled CD from this all-star band.  The three songs are as follows Jump,Shout and Holler, Always Take Two, and iHope.  More information on this release can be found below.

September 22, 2009 Ripa Records has just announced the release of  "East Bay Soul", the debut album from trumpeter producer Greg Adams’ project "East Bay Soul". Adams, founding member of Tower of Power and legendary arranger, his signature sound made the Tower of Power horn section a sought out entity all it's own. Greg has made an urbane, soulful and lush recording that showcases his stylishly soulful arrangements. As a trumpet player, Adams lternates between a powerful open horn and sexy muted trumpet revealing the breadth and elegance he embodies.

The sound has it’s root’s in the uniquely soul based genre associated with the San Francisco East Bay Area. It is however, R&B for our time. Watch and hear this band and you will find yourself in ront of the stage, and people will be moving with the music. The timeless quality of the East Bay Soul sound knows no age limits.

Emmy and Grammy nominated Adams co wrote several songs with Nick Milo, his former band mate from Tower of Power and now Music Director for Joe Cocker. The opening track “Survival of the Hippest” unfolds with the epitome of cool, it’s horn laden track swells with complete commitment before Tom Bowes delivers a rap that is almost biographical as the title implies.

Balancing the sultry and robust, the hopeful and the absolute. East Bay Soul excels on the west coast straight ahead “Bop Drop” that literally drops into “Reading Lips” jazz infused R&B soul drenched vocals of love in bloom.

Lee Thornburg emerges with his interpretation on Howard Tate’s 1960’s chestnut, “Stop”, and Adams’ arrangement is just what the song needed to bring the “full funk” of the track to life.

Drawing on the inspirations of our times and awareness of new ideas, “iHope” asks the question of promise and possibilities, a message delivered with tremendous style by Darryl Walker. “Someone New” a stirring closing to the disc about emotional distances we must overcome to keep love alive and questions “Am I losing you?”

Adams trust and confidence in what he has designed, is what makes East Bay Soul so exciting. “It took this much time for me to get here and to finally make this kind of record. I always knew it would happen.

"East Bay Soul will remind you of what you loved about music, creating an all new "Metro Jazz", really a new approach of a melting pot of contemporary urban rhythm and a music combining all the sounds from the city. The ethnic sounds of the trials and tribulations, the hard fought, the victories, sweetness and sadness. It comes through in the music in all forms. It's world, it's metro, it's edgy, it’s urban.

It's East Bay Soul. It's Got Soul!"

To learn more about The Band • The Music • The Message • The Truth

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The track listing for East Bay Soul

1. “Survival of the Hippest”
2. “Bop Drop”
3. “Reading Lips”
4. “Jump, Shout and Holler”
5. “What’s It’s Gonna Be”
6. “Always Take Two”
7. “iHope”
8. “ Awaken”
9. “Stop”
10. “Five To Eleven”
11. “Someone New”

For more information please contact Andrea Adams at ALMManagement Group

Phone: 818.609.9528


Complete Playlist for 09/23/2009

As always the playlist is in Artist order and not in order of play.

***Ain't No Thang---Sister Long Legs
***Al Green---Take Me To The River
***Al Kooper---Wrestle With This
***Anthony Setola---Oakland And Back
***Average White Band---Work To Do
***Back To Basic---Peace And Understanding
***Band of Oz---Wall to Wall
***Barela---Tower Pops
***Barry Danielian---First Treasure
***BIG HORNS BEE---Vamp Intro (Reprise)
***Bill Bergman & The Micro Jets---Soul Universe
***Bill Champlin---Stone Cold Hollywood
***Bing & The Bingtones---Old Soul Music
***BlowZone---Sucker Punch
***Bobby Purify---What's Old To You
***Bobby Wayne---Soul's Got A Sound
***Bona Fide---The Horse You Came In On
***Boston Horns---Dyno-mite
***Bull City Syndicate---You Make Me Feel
***Candy Dulfer---Jungle Boogie
***Carmen Grillo---Dr. In The House
***Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band---Express Yourself
***Chris Cain---Wake up and Smell the Coffee
***Chuck Brown---Let The Good Times Roll
***Clayton/Scott Group---Color Of Love
***Cracked Ice---New Shade Of Bue
***Crusaders---Street Life
***Daddy Cool & the Groove Bug---Everybody
***Daryl Hall---Cab Driver
***Dave Dunlop---The Hang
***Dean Brown---Bigfoot
***Dko the Darren Kramer Organization---Quench!
***Doug & the Slugs---It's Got To Be Monday
***Down to the Bone---Spiderlegs
***Down to the Bone---Get on It
***Dr. John---Right Place, Wrong Time
***Dr. Payne & The Disease---Spin Around the Sun
***East 4th Horns---I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
***East Bay Soul---Jump,Shout and Holler
***East Bay Soul---Always Take Two
***East Bay Soul---iHope
***Electric Flag---Soul Searchin'
***Entropy---We Came To Funk
***Eric Bolvin---Time Bomb
***Frank Biner---Frankie B. Is Back In Town
***Fred Ross---Love, Love, Love
***Funk Filharmonik---You Never Left Here
***Funk Filharmonik---If We Make Love 1st (We'll Make Love Last)
***Funk Filharmonik---Don't Wanna Say
***Glenn Walters---Pain In My Heart
***Heavy Metal Horns---Horns In The House
***Himlaväsen---Release Yourself
***Hip Service---Hip2DaFunk
***Howard Tate---Night Owl
***Jack Hammer---Swim
***James Brown---Make It Funky
***James Brown---Mothern Popcorn
***James Fountain---Seven Day Brother
***Jerry Lopez---Negrita
***John Németh---Blue Broadway
***John Scofield---I Can't Stop Loving You
***Jon Cleary---Best Ain't Good Enough
***Jules Broussard---Love Won't Let Me Wait
***Kal David---That's Not Me
***L.A. Boppers---Where Do The Bop Go?
***Larry Carlton---Minute By Minute
***Lavell Hardy---Don't Lose Your Groove
***Les McCann---Funk It
***Little Beaver---Listen to My Heartbeat
***Little Mike & The Sweet Soul Music Band---Free Ride
***Lloyd Jones---I've Got To Get You Back
***Lowell Fulson---Black Nights
***Luther Kent---St James Infirmary
***Luther Kent & the Forever Fabulous Chickenhawks Showband & All-Star Revue---Flip, Flop And Fly
***Maceo & The Macks---Cross The Track (We Better Go Back)
***Mann Brothers---Use It or Lose It
***Marc Broussard---Love And Happiness
***Maynard Ferguson---Theme from "Rocky"
***MI22---Still remember
***Mic Gillette---Funky Good Time
***Michael Grimm---I've Been Loving You
***Mick Sterling & The Stud Brothers---Jackie Wilson Said
***Mingo Fishtrap---Out Of Control
***Muscle Shoals Horns---Get Down Tonight
***Natalie Cole---This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)
***Nils Landgren---Simple Life
***Pee Wee Ellis---How I Depend On You
***Pete Escovedo---Flying South
***Poncho Sanchez---Squib Cakes
***Quicksilver Messenger Service---MOJO
***Quincy Jones---Razzamatazz
***Ray Charles---I Need A Good Woman Bad
***Red Prysock---Rooster Walk
***Reuben Wilson---Movin' On
***Richard Elliot---Neon Nights
***Rick Braun---Down and Dirty
***Ridin' Thumb---Do The Boomeloom
***Robert Peckman---Put It In the Pocket
***Roger Smith---Horn-Afication
***Santa Fe And The Fat City Horns---Turn Your Love Around
***Scott Martin---Bernie's Tune
***Seawind---What cha doin'
***Severn Soul Revue---They Say
***Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings---Something's Changed
***Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings---Humble Me
***Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings---100 Days
***Sly & The Family Stone---Dance To The Music
***Soulpatrol---Hang Up Your Hang Up's
***Steely Dan---Black Friday
***Stefan Redtenbacher---The Track Formely Know as...
***Strokeland Superband---Just In Case You Wondered
***Strokeland Superband With Fred Ross---When Little Jesse Hit The Set
***Super Funky Express---Super Funky Express
***Tad Robinson---TAD ROBINSON- Long Way Home
***The Budos Band---Mas o Menos
***The Maxwell Project---Radiation Funk/Meltdown
***THE SUN MESSENGERS---Late Night Cruise
***Tom Scott & the L.A. Express---Smokin' Section
***Tony Adamo---This Time It's Real
***Tower of Power---On The Serious Side
***Wayne Cochran---Goin' Back To Miami

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video of Tower Of Power's cover of "Me and Mrs. Jones

Here is a youtube video of Tower of Power's cover of "Me and Mrs. Jones" from their new CD "The Great American Soulbook". At live performances this song is the one that the audiance seems loves the most. Tower playing this Friday with "Average White Band" at the "Mountain Winery"
in Saratoga, CA.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TOP Ten rejected horn band contest ideas: By Al Carlos

10. Guess the average weight of the horn section by getting them to step on your good foot.

9. How many songs would the band have to play to inflate a blimp?

8. Name the next band member to lose his day job.

7. True or False, if you lose your reed you can use a tongue depressor.

6. How many gigs can you attend in a row before you are court ordered to go to marriage counseling?

5. Draw your favorite bone player in court attire.

4. Send in the picture of your cutest pet named after a band member.

3. Vote for the band member you feel has the best credit rating.

2. Who would you dress up as to win a free trip backstage?

1. Does Kayne deserve a manly punch or a pimp slap?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

TOP Ten unique things about being a Tower Of Power fan: By Al Carlos

10.The smooth jazz fans and PTA members are afraid of you.
9. People ask you about your Harley, and what to do if arrested.
8. No matter where you live, you have one Oakland Raider t shirt.
7. Everybody looks at you when someone mentions “hipness”.
6. Irrespective of age, first to get to a party, last to leave.
5. Our women can beat up most dudes.
4. We know The Power will be there long after the Britney’s, Justin’s and Jz’s are gone.
3. You can remember every lyric from every album yet forget your cell number.
2. Have considered putting white wall tires on the Prius.
1. Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Updated Playlist For 09-02-2009

Revised playlist loaded today. Listed below are the songs now in our rotation, as always this is in artist order and not order of play.

--Afroskull/Space Chicken
--Alias Smith and Lane/Smile & Nod
--Anna King/That's When I Cry
--Average White Band/Let's Go 'Round Again
--Back To Basic/Solid Soul
--Blast/Do it 'till dawn
--Blood Sweat & Tears/Nuclear Blues
--BlowZone/Square Chick
--Bobby Purify/Somebody's Gotta Do it
--Bradley Leighton/She's Gone
--Brandon Fields/Grapevine
--Brecker Bros./Sneakin' Up Behide You
--Brian Culbertson/Hollywood Swinging feat. Musiq Soulchild & Gerald Albright
--Bull City Syndicate/Brother Man
--Candy Dulfer/So What
--Chad Rager Groove/Pyramid Of Pachyderms
--Chase/Open Up Wide
--Cherry Poppin' Daddies/Cherry Poppin' Daddy Strut
--Chickenhawks/Pocky Way
--Chuck Brown/Let The Good Times Roll
--Chuck Mangione/Bellavia
--Cold Blood/You Got Me Hummin
--Danny Weis/Graham Street Shuffle
--Dave Koz/Faces of the Heart
--Dave Weckl Band/Tower Of Inspiration
--David Clayton - Thomas/Mornin' Blues
--David Raitt & Jimmy Thackery/Id Rather Be Blind, Crippled, & Crazy
--David Sanborn/Snakes
--Delbert McClinton/Take Me To The River
--Delta Wires/Big Leg Woman
--Doctor Funk/It May Be Very Good
--Down To The Bone/Long Way From Brooklyn
--Dr. Hector & The Groove Injectors/Risky Business
--Drori-Hansen Furniture/Wild Street
--Dyke & The Blazers/We Got More Soul
--Earth Wind & Fire/Reasons [Live]
--East Bay Soul/Survival Of The Hippest
--Eric Bolvin/Panama Red
--Euge Groove/Let's Get It On
--Five Alarm Funk/Don Mega
--Fontella Bass/Rescue Me
--Francis Rocco Prestia/Everybody on the Bus
--Freeport/I Couldn't Let You Go
--Funk Filharmonik/Everybody Get Down
--Funk Filharmonik/We Get The Notion
--Funkiphino/Hold On
--Gangbuster/Mercy Mercy
--Glenn Walters W/ Strokeland Superband/I Do My Best Work At Night
--Grant Smith And The Power/Keep On Running
--Greg Adams/Metro
--Gregg Allman/Slip Away
--Heavytones/Too much cake
--Howard Tate/She May Be White But...
--Huey Lewis & The News/The Heart Of Rock & Roll
--Jaco Pastorius/Soul intro/The Chicken
--James Brown/Cold Sweat
--Jay Soto/Slammin'
--Jeff Golub/Cut The Cake
--Jeff Lorber/Gamma Rays
--John Findlay/Intoxicated
--John Lee Sanders/It's All Blues To Me
--Johnny Guitar Watson/Ain't That A Bitch
--Jon R. Smith/Miss New Orleans
--Larry Carlton/Friday Night Shuffle
--Line Drive/You've Gotta Believe In Something
--Liquid Soul/This And That
--Little Royal/Razor Blade
--Lon Bronson/If You Aint Got Love
--Louise Hoffsten/Shut Up And Kiss Me
--Low Budget Blues Band/Can I Get a Witness
--Luther Kent/Who Will The Next Fool Be
--Maceo Parker/Chicken
--Mark Dolin/The Parkin' Lot Hang
--Mike Reilly/Whos Been Sleeping In My Bed
--Mingo Fishtrap/Catch The Bus
--New York Horns/Bring That Friend Of Yours
--Nick Lane/An Inside Joke
--Nils Gessinger/Soulmusic
--Out Of Control/Cardiac Party
--Patrick Allen/You Lit A Fire In Me
--Peter Friestedt/Time To Play
--Players Association/Ride The Groove
--Poncho Sanchez/Squib Cakes
--Prime Time Funk/Tounge Tied
--Rented Mule/Jonesberg
--Ridin' Thumb/Do The Boomeloom
--Robbin Thompson & Steve Bassett/Sweet Virginia Breeze
--Rufus Thomas/That Woman Is Poison
--Sage/Take Me Back to the City
--Santa Fe And The Fat City Horns/Love Somebody
--Scott Martin/More Today Than Yesterday
--Shilts/Outside The Box
--Smokin' With Superman/2 Sweet Fine Hams
--Soul Stew/Funky Nassau
--Soulbop/Midnight Hour
--Strokeland Superband/A Soulful Kinda Love
--The Bo-Keys/Back at the Chicken Shack
--The Chops Band/Up For The Downstroke
--The Dirty Dozen Brass Band/Sissy Strut
--The Edgar Winter Group/I've Got News For You
--The Groove Hogs/Shoulda Read The Rules
--The Memphis Horns/Soul Bowl
--The Sons of Champlin/Tabacco Road
--The Super Groovers/Super Groover
--The Tubes/Tip Of My Tongue
--Tom Saviano/Making Up Lost Time
--Tom Scott/Sarah, Sarah
--Tommy Castro/High On The Hog
--Tony Adamo/This Time It's Real
--Topper Headon/Leave it to luck
--Tower Of Power/Ball And Chain
--Tower of Power/Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
--Van Morrison/Moondance
--Vernon Garrett/Dill Pickle And A Peppermint Stick
--Wayne Cochran/Goin' Back To Miami
--Whiskey Howl/I'll Go Crazy
--Willie Hutch/Lucky To Be Loved
--Yoichi Murata/Let Me Groove
--Zen Blues Quartet/What A Life