Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TOP Ten rejected horn band contest ideas: By Al Carlos

10. Guess the average weight of the horn section by getting them to step on your good foot.

9. How many songs would the band have to play to inflate a blimp?

8. Name the next band member to lose his day job.

7. True or False, if you lose your reed you can use a tongue depressor.

6. How many gigs can you attend in a row before you are court ordered to go to marriage counseling?

5. Draw your favorite bone player in court attire.

4. Send in the picture of your cutest pet named after a band member.

3. Vote for the band member you feel has the best credit rating.

2. Who would you dress up as to win a free trip backstage?

1. Does Kayne deserve a manly punch or a pimp slap?