Friday, October 31, 2008

More TOP 40th Anniversay Photos

Below is yet another addition of the Tower of Power 40th Anniversary photos sent to us by Frank Anzalone. The photos can be found here: TOP 40th performance photos #2. If you missed the other photo's they are can be found below:

TOP 40th rehearsal

TOP 40 performance photos #1

These photos are not to be reproduced without the consent of Frank Anzalone. If you with to contact Frank he can be reached here: Frank Anzalone.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Comments on TOP's 40th Anniversary Show

Now that I have had some time to think about the Tower Of Power 40th anniversary performance I thought I would list some thoughts and observations.

**I wish a couple of friends were still with us to see the show. First of all Bruce Steinberg, we all know Bruce had a long association with the band and his presence was surely missed. Secondly, Ray Berzins a loyal TOP fan, who would not have missed this event. Both of these men were great friends and I personally miss them.

**It was amazing to see how well organized this event was from a performance level. The changes in personnel moved effortlessly. To think that 30 plus songs were performed, in about a three and one half hour time frame, with all the personnel changes, wow what a feat.

**A special tribute to Bill Graham, very nicely done.

**Emilio Castillo in a Tux, classy.

**Doc’s voice on Funk the Dumb Stuff, don’t hear that very often

**Herman Matthews running around with a camera, as much a fan taking it all in, as a performer.

**The fan participation was something to witness, everyone was involved, there was no need for the band to get the crowd moving they were ready.

**The power that comes from any instrument Mic Gillette plays. A few people mentioned to me that up close you could not only hear, but feel his playing.

**The sound and lighting was spot on.

I wish more of my internet friends who I have met over the years could have attended this event, you know who you are. I wish you could have been beside me, although I know a number of you caught the event via live streaming. Thanks Monster Cable for that one.

Lastly, I would like to say to the band and everyone else involved with this event. To the average viewer like me, the event came off flawlessly. I know that this was no small task, and a logistics nightmare I am sure, but you could not detect it. Well done Tower of Power.


TOP 40th Anniversary Performance Photos

The following slide show has been made available to us by Frank Anzalone. These pictures are not to be used without the consent of Frank. If you would like to have personal copies produced contact Frank at

Photo's taken October 18th, 2008 at the Fillmore. Actual Performance shots.

To view larger photos please click onto photo below:

Tower of Power 40th Anniversay Rehearsal Slideshow

The following slide show has been made available to us by Frank Anzalone. These pictures are not to be used without the consent of Frank. If you would like to have personal copies produced contact Frank at

Photo's taken October 18th, 2008 at the Fillmore. Rehearsal and Pre-show shots.

To view larger photos please click onto photo below:
TOP 40th Fillmore Rehearsal and Pre-Show

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TOP Ten Oakland Halloween trick or treat do’s and don'ts: By Al Carlos

10.Always check your restraining orders before knocking on a door.

9. Keep a firm grasp of your candy bag, folks will open the door snatch the bag, slam the door then, deny you where there.

8. A “Trick” means something completely different to some people.

7. If you hear a shotgun rack, hit the ground. Let them cap guy dressed like Star Wars behind you.

6. Do not take a BBQ rib if it’s wrapped in a napkin.

5. Don’t ask folks what they are dressed as, some people look really scary and don’t wear costumes.

4. Newport cigarettes can be considered a treat.

3. Dressing like a cop is never funny.

2. No matter what they tell you, they are supposed to give YOU the treat.

1. Do not let anyone pack your goodie bag, or hold someones bag during a shakedown.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TOP Ten Fillmore DVD extras fans would like to see: by Al Carlos

Dedicated to the Memory of Bruce Steinberg.

10 A directors cut of how the Supercuts mullet has influenced TOP guitar players over the years.

9. A Professor of English from Cal Berkeley trying to explain the verb “Boogalate”.

8. Why Rogaine is the new Cocaine.

7. An emotional expose on Doc’s hat blocker and suspenders engineering staff.

6. A sixteen hour marathon of interviewing former band members and musicians who thought they were in the band.

5. Post traumatic couldn’t get backstage, humiliation syndrome.

4. Interview with the actual cat that had the hippest legs and the bad bugaloo, who is about 7 feet tall when he stands in front of you.

3. A sociologist talks about why the band has such a loyal and, used to be, cute fan base.

2. A photo essay on bands who are now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but shouldn’t be because, TOP is clearly better.

1. A one on one with Victor Conte the first bass player in history to understand physics.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Doc Kupka Interview on the Jon Hammond Show

Jon Hammond has an interview show on KYOU radio in San Francisco. This week Jon conducted an interview with Stephen "Doc' Kupka of Tower of Power. The discussion includes topics from Frank Biner, to Strokeland Records, to Tower of Power's 40th anniversary party this weekend (October 18th) at "The Fillmore" in San Francisco

The interview can be found here: Jon Hammond Radio Show

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Years With The Boogie Kings

NEW YEAR'S EVE INFO (from the Boogie Kings)

The Boogie Kings will be playing on New Year's Eve at The Inn Of Iberia in New Iberia, LA on Dec 31. It will be the 54th anniversary of the great Boogie King's show. Tickets are $50 per person. Reservations available. Bring your own booze. A limited number of tickets will be available, so order your tickets early. Rooms at the Inn (Formerly Ramada Inn) are only $77 for a double. Call 337 367 3211 for a room reservation. Tickets available on THE BOOGIE KINGS website by credit card or by telephone at (337) 367-6248. Tickets will also be available at the door until sold out. Setups will be available for your drinks. Come and celebrate with us!

TOP 40th Tribute on SoulRadioOnline/HornDrivenRadio

This Saturday night October 18, 2008 Tower of Power performs at "The Fillmore" in San Francisco. What make this performance special is that it is the official 40th Anniversary party/gig. This performance promises to be special in that along with the current members of the band, past band members will perform as well. As we understand it, there will be additional special guests that evening, playing with the band. Also, this performance is being recorded for an upcoming concert DVD.

In honor of Tower's 40th we have in our rotation this week songs by Tower, songs by former members of the band, tribute songs, and covers. The current rotation is as follows (not in rotation order)

***Barela-Tower Pops
***Barry Danielian-Common Ground
***Big Band Der Bundeswehr-Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
***Brandon Fields-The Traveler
***Brian Culbertson-You Got To Funkifize feat Chance Howard
***Bruce Conte-Bump It Up
***Bruce Conte-Messin' With The Kid
***Candy Dulfer-Drop It In The Slot
***Carmen Grillo-Dr. In The House
***Chad Rager Groove-Squib Cakes
***Chester Thompson-Power House
***Cracked Ice-New Shade Of Blue
***Doctor Funk-Livin In Bump City
***East 4th Horns-I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
***Eric Miyashiro-Ken's Bar
***Euge Groove-Play Date
***Frank Biner-Frankie B. Is Back In Town
***Funk'en Flames-Diggin' on James Brown
***Glenn Walters with the Strokeland Superband-Animal Walk
***Greg Adams-Firefly
***Greg Adams-Smooth Operator
***Greg Adams-Burma Road
***Heavy Metal Horns-You're Still A Young Man
***Herman Matthews-Chop That BBQ
***Hollywood Hitmen-Attitude Dane
***Horney Funk Brothers-Come Together
***Jazz Police-Tower Tribute
***Jeff Tamelier-The Good, the Bad & the Funky
***Larry Braggs-Willin' To Learn
***Lenny Pickett-Dance Music for Borneo Horns No. 2
***Lenny Williams-Here's a ticket
***Lon Bronson-What Is Hip?
***Luis Miguel-Que Nivel De Mujer
***Mann Brothers-Afternoon Delight
***Mic Gillette-Funky Good Time
***New York Horns-Bring That Friend Of Yours
***Richard Elliot-The Boys From The Bay
***Rick Braun and Richard Elliot-Down and Dirty
***Rocco Prestia-Express Yourself
***Roger Smith-Fiesta
***Ron E. Beck-Because I Love YOU
***Soulpatrol-Soul With A Capital "S"
***Strokeland Superband-When Little Jesse Hit The Set
***The Doobie Brothers-Long Train Running
***The Sons Of Champlin-Tabacco Road
***Tony Adamo-Groove Therapy
***Tower Of Power-This Time Is Real
***Tower Of Power-A Little Knowledge (Is A Dangerous Thing)
***Tower Of Power-Knock Yourself Out
***Tower Of Power-Come Back, Baby
***Various Artists-Flash In The Pan

Friday, October 10, 2008

TOP Ten ways we cut back during recession in Oakland: by Al Carlos

10. 30tys generic beer instead of 40tys of premium malt liquor.

9. Instead of driving to vacation in Mexico, get deported for a few weeks.

8. Go to horn band concerts with wet hair after hair cut and get a free blow dry.

7. What recession? It’s always been like this.

6. No more Raider tickets get all dressed up like a demon then stay home and hurl murderous insults at the TV.

5. Trade the minivan for a Harley then blame Bush for forcing you into it.

4. Temporary tattoos.

3. Homemade hamburgers that look like hockey pucks.

2. The band has to stay on the road for another 40 years.

1. Collect gold teeth for cash.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

SoulRadioOnline announces name change

Although not officially completed, will be changing its name. During the past several months we have been going through an identity crises. Many people are confused by the name, and who we may or may not be affiliated with. Others are confused in that they believe we play soul music only, and that includes current styles of soul like Neo-Soul. This could not be futher from the truth.

This station is about horn driven music. From Rock, Jazz, Blues, R&B, to Soul we play it all. We will will continue to play the music of bands your are familiar with such as Blood, Sweat and Tears, Average White Band, and Tower of Power. You will also find in our rotation the music of local and regional bands like The Groove Hogs, Mingo Fishtrap, and Doctor Funk.

So what is the new name of the station. Well since we are about Horn-Driven music, the name will be simple its The change will happen over the next few weeks so be patient with us during our transformation.

TOP Ten signs you overdid it at a Casino gig by Al Carlos

10. You tried to fill up your car using 10,000 nickels.

9. The keno girl/guy married you for citizenship.

8. Rocco is frying eggs in the kitchen for the Santa fe dudes.

7. Because of the buffet you are so fat your shoes don’t fit.

6. Co workers think you are mad, but you are stone deaf from sitting in the front row.

5. Full color Tattoo of Dick Butkus on your booty.

4. Tried to give a stolen hotel robe as a Mothers Day present.

3. You are reading this on a Las Vegas half way house desk top.

2. You are broker than the Fannie May and her Mama.

1. Burchie came to your house and ruined the Happy Birthday song.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

TOP Ten things security people hate about horn band fans: By Al Carlos

10. By the time we get to the gig we have worked ourselves up into an Oakland Raider nation frame of mind.

9. Specially trained Latinas can fling a slipper from the cheap seats and hit Security right between the eyes.

8. Once we start dancing, a swinging middle aged booty becomes a lethal weapon.

7. It’s hard to tell the real convicted felons, from the computer folks that look like them.

6. We always insist on being frisked.

5. Toliet plungers will be used as air trombones.

4. Standing in the spit section blows the smoke into the audience.

3. Bad attitudes doesn’t play well with others.

2. Always tell them, “If you want to break my camera, take a picture of your Mama”.

1. Some of us bring our own security.