Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TOP Ten Fillmore DVD extras fans would like to see: by Al Carlos

Dedicated to the Memory of Bruce Steinberg.

10 A directors cut of how the Supercuts mullet has influenced TOP guitar players over the years.

9. A Professor of English from Cal Berkeley trying to explain the verb “Boogalate”.

8. Why Rogaine is the new Cocaine.

7. An emotional expose on Doc’s hat blocker and suspenders engineering staff.

6. A sixteen hour marathon of interviewing former band members and musicians who thought they were in the band.

5. Post traumatic couldn’t get backstage, humiliation syndrome.

4. Interview with the actual cat that had the hippest legs and the bad bugaloo, who is about 7 feet tall when he stands in front of you.

3. A sociologist talks about why the band has such a loyal and, used to be, cute fan base.

2. A photo essay on bands who are now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but shouldn’t be because, TOP is clearly better.

1. A one on one with Victor Conte the first bass player in history to understand physics.