Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Playlist Update for April 28th

We revised our current playlist today. As always the list is in Artist order and not actual play order.

Chops the Band-"Groove Me"
Chuck Brown-"Let The Good Times Roll"
Commitments-"Take Me To The River"
David Sanborn-"I've Got News For You (Feat. Sam Moore)"
Doctor Funk-"Livin In Bump City"
Doug & the Slugs-"It's Got To Be Monday"
Downchild Blues Band-"I Got Everything I Need"
Dr. Hector & the Groove Injectors-"Shame, Shame, Shame"
Earth Wind & Fire-"Reasons [Live]"
Electric Flag-"Soul Searchin'"
Elvin Bishop-"Rock My Soul"
Entropy-"We Came To Funk"
Floyd Miles & Friends-"The Same Thing"
Fontella Bass-"Rescue Me"
Francis Rocco Prestia-"Don't Play Around"
Freeport-"Keep it Up All Alone the Line"
Funk Filharmonik-"Gimme Lovin"
Funkiphino-"Rise Above"
Gangbuster-"Mercy, Mercy, Mercy"
Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band-"There's The Rub"
Greg Adams-"Metro"
Harvey Scales-"Get Down"
Howard Tate-"She May Be White But..."
James Brown-"Make It Funky"
Jeff Golub-"Cold Duck Time"
Jerry Lopez-"Canta Con Migo"
John Lee Sanders-"It's All Blues To Me"
Jukejoint-"Chewy Goodness"
Karl Denson-"I Want the Funk"
King Curtis-"Soul Serenade"
L.A. Boppers-"Where Do The Bop Go?"
Larry Carlton-"Minute By Minute"
Lighthouse-"One Fine Morning"
Liquid Soul-"This And That"
Little Mike & The Sweet Soul Music Band-"Free Ride"
Little Royal-"Razor Blade"
Lloyd Jones-"I've Got To Get You Back"
Lon Bronson-"Tower Of Inspiration"
Louise Hoffsten-"Shut Up And Kiss Me"
Luther Kent-"I Wouldn't Treat A Dog"
Lydia Pense & Cold Blood-"COLD BLOOD- LIVE -No Way Home"
Maceo Parker-"Southwick"
Mann Brothers-"Use It or Lose It"
Manu Dibango-"Soul Makossa"
Marc Broussard-"Love And Happiness"
Marcus Miller-"Frankenstein"
Mark Dolin-"Belly Up"
Maynard Ferguson-"Watermelon Man"
Mi22-"Whatever it is"
Mighty Sam McClain-"I'm Sorry"
Mike Reilly-"Whos Been Sleeping In My Bed"
Mingo Fishtrap-"Catch The Bus"
Molasses-"Wrap It Up"
Muscle Shoals Horns-"Don't Bust Yo Bubbles"
New York Horns-"Bring That Friend Of Yours"
Nils Landgren-"Simple Life"
Otis Redding-"Try A Little Tenderness"
Pamela Rose-"The One That Got Away"
Pancho Sanchez-"Squib Cakes "
Pat O'Donnell-"Tee Time"
Patrick Allen-"You Lit A Fire In Me"
Paulo Mendoca-"Respect"
Pee Wee Ellis-"How I Depend On You"
Pete Escovedo-"Esta Noche"
Peter Friestedt-"There ain't nothin' (wings of joyful thinkin')"
Rick Braun-"Curve Ball"
Ridin' Thumb-"Know What I Mean"
Rippopotamus-"Fanfare Of Funk"
Robbin Thompson & Steve Bassett-"Sweet Virginia Breeze"
Robert Peckman-"Stirrin' Up Bees"
Roger Smith-"Horn-Afication"
Rufus Thomas-"That Woman Is Poison"
Sage-"Knock You Out"
Santa Fe And The Fat City Horns-"We Are Nothing"
Santana-"Watch Your Step"
Scott Martin-"Platanos"
Shilts-"Short Island Iced Tea"
Soul Stew-"Love & Happiness"
Southside Johnny-"Cadillac Jack"
Spyro Gyra-"Morning Dance"
Steve Ferrone's Farm Fur-"Pick Up The Pieces"
Strokeland Superband-"It Is What It Is"
Tad Robinson-"Too Late To Turn Back Now"
The Commitments-"Mr. Pitiful"
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band-"i'll fly away"
The Edgar Winter Group-"I've Got News For You"
The Electric Flag-"Killing Floor"
The Groove Hogs-"Blues Is My Business"
The Hip Pocket-"The Pocket"
The J.B.'s-"Pass The Peas"
The Lincolns-"Don't Fight It"
The Maxwell Project-"Radiation Funk/Meltdown"
The Rascals-"Jungle Walk"
The Sons of Champlin-"Tabacco Road"
The Tubes-"Tip Of My Tongue"
Tom Scott-"Saxappella"
Tony Adamo-"In The Winelight"
Tower of Power-"You Met Your Match"
Tower of Power-"Startime (Tribute to James Brown)"
Tower of Power-"(Heaven Must Have Sent) Your Precious Love"
Tower of Power-"Who Is He And What Is He To You"
Tower Of Power-"This Time It's Real"
Tower of Power-"You're Gonna Need Me"
Tyrone Davis-"Can I Change My Mind"
Van Morrison-"Moondance"
Various Artists-"Um Um Um"
Vernon Garrett-"Dill Pickle And A Peppermint Stick"
Was (Not Was)-"I Can't Turn You Loose"
Willie Hutch-"Lucky To Be Loved"
Zen Blues Quartet-"Powerful Stuff"

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tony Adamo’s Soul Funk Session/Strokeland Records

Tony Adamo’s Soul Funk Session/Strokeland Records

Fred E. Harris

Los Angeles, CA

Matt Boudreau’s Broken Radio Recording Studio, San Francisco, California was the perfect sound back drop for the soul funk artistry of singer-songwriter Tony Adamo’s smooth funk vocals and Jerry Stucker’s in the pocket production of a new cover for a Tower of Power (TOP) hit tune. The funky knockin’ song covered by Strokeland Record artist, Tony Adamo was written by Tower of Power co-founders, Stephen “Doc” Kupka and Emilio Castillo. This historical session was photographed by famed photographer, Mark Leialoha.

When “Doc” got hip to this new Adamo/Stucker arrangement he was in the groove and immediately signed on for the horn section. Mic Gillette, who has arranged and recorded on six Adamo/Stucker songs, wrote a funk show time arrangement for this new cover. Tom E. Politizer of TOP was brought in to do the lead solo. This funkifided TOP horn section combination blew the roof right off the Broken Radio Recording Studio sending their funky musical vibes into the soundosphere! At the end of the recording session “Doc” suggested two more TOP songs for Adamo to cover. Keep your ear to the streets for more to come.



TOP Ten ways your work mates can tell if you are a serious horn band fan: By Al Carlos

10. Your coffee cup always smells like Kahlua and has a reed in it.

9. Your screen saver is a picture of Mingo and you are not gay.

8. You are a Babe; you have a screen saver picture of Strokeland all stars.

7. Wear sunglasses all day, even if you work at home or the night shift.

6. Your cell phone ring tone is the trumpet intro to SAYM.

5. Everybody in the building is afraid of you.

4. The horn on your Corolla sounds like a Selmer with a low A.

3. Spend break times in the restroom using a toilet plunger as a fake trombone.

2. Written up for an alleged pimp slap incident with a Celine Dion fan.

1. Paid the IT guy to hard wire www.horndrivenradio.com into all desk tops.

Friday, April 17, 2009

RIP Ron Stallings

Ron Stallings Saxophonist for Huey Lewis And The News passed away on April 13th from Multiple Myeloma. For more on Ron go to the Huey Lewis And The News website HLN.org

TOP Ten things a horn band fan does while home sick from work: By Al Carlos

10.Go on-line to find another job.

9. Catch All My Children, wishing you could look like or date Erica.

8. Take vicodin turn on BET and practice dance moves.

7. All day Horndrivenradio marathon, sign up for Bassoon lessons.

6. 2 shots of NyQuil can replicate taking 3 reds.

5. Spend the whole day angry you had to use a sick day being sick.

4. Call any professional musician because you know they are home.

3. Don’t do your hair, and then watch U tube then realize your bed head hair do is in style.

2. Clean out your closet only to find your shoes are so out of style that they are back in.

1. Fantasize about which band member you would like to be with, and if you are a guy, cut down on the beer and meds then turn off Oprah.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

TOP Ten ways we celebrate Easter in Oakland:By Al Carlos

10.Everybody goes to church wearing their going to court clothes.

9. Easter Egg and biological Daddy hunt at Lake Merritt.

8. Rabbit stew.

7. Matching gloves and handbag sale (see # 8)

6. Baptist women with big hats, homeboys put down their Gats.

5. Baskets include Jimmy De Soto bail bond cupons.

4. A's fans make their kids decorate eggs to look like favorite players.

3. North Oakland Yuppies confuse Easter with Aunt Ester.

2. Offical start of “Who makes the best potato salad” season.

1. Oakland Raiders practice losing egg toss contests.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

TOP Ten reasons to buy TOP’s Great American Soulbook: By Al Carlos

10. 40 Funking years in the making.

9. Find out if Me and Mrs. Jones, is about Sir Tom’s wife.

8. Who is Mr. Pitiful and where is all the money he swindled?

7. Joss Stone is probably not wearing shoes.

6. You can get what you want, if you know how to find it, by calling 634-5789.

5. Heaven missing an Angel is one thing, Oakland missing a Angel means a Hells Angel went back to jail.

4. The CD is #5 on Amazons TOP R&B sales charts, you can make it #1.

3. Still Sam and Dave, but now it’s Sam Moore and Dave Garibaldi.

2. Don’t let the title scare you, there is absolutely no reading involved.

1. Player hating Radio stations going to Have to play this one.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tower of Power-Great American Soulbook

This week April 7th to be exact, Tower Of Power's long awaited CD "Great American Soulbook" is scheduled to be released. We have in our current rotation four songs from this offering Who Is He And What Is He To You, (Heaven Must Have Sent) Your Precious Love, You Met Your Match, and Startime (Tribute to James Brown).

The following is from TOP's website:

Funk icons Tower of Power, known for taking left turns musically, have taken a bit of a detour and recorded a collection of classic soul tunes that they have entitled the "Great American Soulbook". Included in their latest release are a dozen Soul Essentials, some utilizing original style arrangements, some with a TOP twist, but all with the distinctive Tower of Power sound.

The CD consists of 9 songs produced by Emilio Castillo, Tower of Power's founder and leader since 1968. Three additional songs were produced by multiple Grammy award recipient, George Duke.

The CD explodes with the first track, "You Met Your Match", a Stevie Wonder song masterfully handled by Tower of Power's dynamic lead vocalist Larry Braggs.

Track 2, Sam and Dave's "I Thank You", features Tom Jones and Larry in a great rendition of a true soul classic that has stood the test of time with the Tower of Power Horns taking the song to a new level.

Further into the CD Joss Stone joins the party offering up two fine vocal collaborations with Larry Braggs. Joss appears on track 4, "It Takes Two", and track 10, "(Heaven Must Have Sent) Your Precious Love". In a quote from Emilio Castillo about Joss Stone he says, "You are an amazing soul singer in a most unusual package. Quite frankly, I was stunned by your performance" We think you will be too.

Sam Moore, who recently appeared at the Fillmore Auditorium with Tower of Power at their 40th Anniversary show, shines on track 7, "Mr. Pitiful". He brought down the house in San Francisco and his version of "Mr. Pitiful" will bring a smile to the face of anyone who enjoys soul music.

Huey Lewis has been a close friend and a huge fan of Tower of Power throughout his career. On "634-5789" Huey delivers a rock solid soulful performance in a duet with Larry

Larry Braggs, familiar to Tower of Power fans worldwide, serves up incredible vocal performances on "Loveland", "Me and Mrs. Jones", "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel", and "Who Is He And What Is He To You".

To satisfy the funky needs of all Tower of Power fans there is a 4 song James Brown medley that covers, "It's A New Day", "Mother Popcorn", "There It Is", and "I Got The Feelin".

The track listing is as follows (includes vocalist(s)in bold):

01 You Met Your Match Larry Braggs
02 I Thank You Tom Jones/Larry Braggs
03 Loveland Larry Braggs
04 It Takes Two Joss Stone/Larry Braggs
05 Me And Mrs. Jones Larry Braggs
06 Startime (Tribute to James Brown) Larry Braggs
07 Mr. Pitiful Sam Moore
08 Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel Larry Braggs
09 Since You've Been Gone Larry Braggs
10 (Heaven Must Have Sent) Your Precious Love Joss Stone/Larry Braggs
11 634-5789 Huey Lewis/Larry Braggs
12 Who Is He And What Is He To You Larry Braggs

For more information check out Tower of Power at their website.

The following is a link to Susan Haller's review of the CD at Rockoveramerica.com

Listed below is our entire playlist beginnig 04/07/09 (as always this is in artist order, not actual order of play)

Ain't No Thang-Late Nite Party Boys
Al Green-Let's Stay Together
Al Kooper-Id Rather Be An Old Mans Sweetheart (Than A Young Mans Fool)
Average White Band-A Love Of Your Own
Back To Basic-Peace And Understanding
Barela-Can You Ever Think
Barry Danielian-Count Your Blessings
Betty Wright-Shoorah! Shoorah!"
BIG HORNS BEE-Vamp Intro (Reprise)
Bill Evans-The Shorty Shuffle
Bing & The Bingtones-Bump At The Pump
Blast-Do it 'till dawn
Blowzone-Pocket Change
Bob James-Maputo
Boscoe-If I Had My Way
Brecker Bros.-Some Skunk Funk
Brian Culbertson-You Got To Funkifize feat Chance Howard
Bull City Syndicate-You Make Me Feel
Candy Dulfer-2 Funky
Chad Rager Groove-Squib Cakes
Charles Wright-Love Land
Chester Thompson-Power House
Chops the Band-Groove Me
Chops the Band-Scrapple And Grits
Chuck Mangione-Feels So Good
Danny Weis-Funk Tracks
Down To The Bone-To The Bone
Dyke & The Blazers-We Got More Soul
East 4th Horns-I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Edgar Winter's White Trash-I've Got News For You
Eric Miyashiro-Ken's Bar
Euge Groove-Let's Get It On
Eva Cassidy-God Bless The Child
Five Alarm Funk-King Arthur
Frank Biner-Diamond Billy´s Uptown Bar - B - Que
Funk Filharmonik-Everybody Get Down
Gene Dozier-Hunk Of Funk
Gota Yashiki-What's Up Charlie
Greg Adams-Moon Over Palmilla
Hamish Stuart-Makin' It Up
Heavy Metal Horns-You're Still A Young Man
Himlaväsen-One Heart Leads To Another
James Brown-I Got You (I Feel Good)
Jay Soto-Slammin'
Jeff Lorber-Gamma Rays
Jim Byrnes-Otto's Mood
Joe Cocker-The Letter-Live
John Findlay-Intoxicated
John Lee Sanders;The William Ross Orchestra;Stephen 'Doc' Kupka-So Now I Have to Drink Alone
Johnny Guitar Watson-Ain't That A Bitch
Jon Burr Band-Another Kind Of Love
Jules Broussard-Love Won't Let Me Wait
Kal David-That's Not Me
Larry Carlton-Friday Night Shuffle
Little Beaver-Listen to My Heartbeat
Little Milton-Some Kind of Wonderful
Little Willie John-Fever
Lonnie Smith-Move Your Hand
Louise Hoffsten-Good For You
Luther Kent-I Wouldn't Treat A Dog
Lydia Pense & Cold Blood-Back Here Again
Medeski, Martin & Wood-Note Bleu
Melba Moore-Stormy weather
Mellow Fellows-I've Got To Find A Way
Mic Gillette-If
Mick Sterling and the Stud Brothers-Jackie Wilson Said
Molasses-Straight From The Players
Nils Gessinger-Soulmusic
Peter Friestedt-Time To Play
Players Association-Turn The Music Up
Prime Time Funk-Use Me
Rick Braun-Curve Ball
Rocco Prestia-Express Yourself
Roger Smith-Fiesta
Roy Buchanan-Potato Peeler
Santa Fe-Soul Trilogy
Scott Martin-Fried Neckbones
Shilts-Piece By Piece
Sly & The Family Stone-Everyday People
Soul Stew-I'll Be Around
Stan Getz & João Gilberto-The Girl From Ipanema
Steve Hilliam-Take Ur Pick
Stevie Wonder-Masterblaster
Strokeland Superband-Just As Long As We Have Each Other
Super Funky Express-Super Funky Express
Tad Robinson-Your Love Is Amazing
Ten Wheel Drive-Tightrope
The artists of the New York Trumpet Company-Intercontinental Drift
The Bo-Keys-Back at the Chicken Shack
The Brian Setzer Orchestra-Jump Jive An' Wail
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band-Sissy Strut
The Groove Hogs-Who Do You Think You're Foolin?
The Ides of March-Vehicle
The J.B.'s-Push
The Lincolns-Don't Fight It
The Sons Of Champlin-Welcome To The Dance
The Spyders-I Don't Care
Tom Jones-Mama Told Me (Not To Come)
Tom Saviano-JP's Groove
Tom Scott-Reed My Lips
Tommy Castro-High On The Hog
Tower of Power-(Heaven Must Have Sent) Your Precious Love
Tower of Power-Startime (Tribute to James Brown)
Tower Of Power-Time Will Tell
Tower of Power-Who Is He And What Is He To You
Tower of Power-You Met Your Match
Triple Trouble-Mamma Jamma
Van Morrison-Jackie Wilson Said
Various Artists-Down In The Country
Wayman Tisdale-Get Down On It
Wayne Cochran-Goin' Back To Miami
Wilmer & The Dukes-Get It
Yoichi Murata-Let Me Groove

Friday, April 3, 2009

TOP Ten steps Adolfo Acosta of TOP has taken to improve his dancing: By Al Carlos

10. Boxers instead of briefs.

9. Considering an eBay bid on vintage Oakland MC Hammer pants.

8. Back to dating Mescal chugging Barrio Latinas.

7. He stopped watching Tom and Doc and now looks beyond them to Larry and Emilio, but not to far enough to see Rocco.

6. Rented the Footloose DVD.

5. Stacy Adams instead of Hush Puppies.

4. Gets Herman Matthews to video Sir Tom Jones from behind.

3. Watches Dancing with the Stars at hotel bars.

2. Went to a Sons of Champlin concert now doesn’t feel so bad about his moves.

1. Takes attention off of his feet by every night blowing the top of the mothersucka.