Friday, April 3, 2009

TOP Ten steps Adolfo Acosta of TOP has taken to improve his dancing: By Al Carlos

10. Boxers instead of briefs.

9. Considering an eBay bid on vintage Oakland MC Hammer pants.

8. Back to dating Mescal chugging Barrio Latinas.

7. He stopped watching Tom and Doc and now looks beyond them to Larry and Emilio, but not to far enough to see Rocco.

6. Rented the Footloose DVD.

5. Stacy Adams instead of Hush Puppies.

4. Gets Herman Matthews to video Sir Tom Jones from behind.

3. Watches Dancing with the Stars at hotel bars.

2. Went to a Sons of Champlin concert now doesn’t feel so bad about his moves.

1. Takes attention off of his feet by every night blowing the top of the mothersucka.