Monday, December 29, 2008

News From Greg Adams

Dear Friends!

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year!

I am excited for 2009!We have some exciting projects coming up. East Bay Soul will be recording a new CD of original material with plans for a European Tour this summer and of course Greg Adams Band will continue to perform nationwide.. Please check out both websites for tour updates.

Please join me and the band for a New Years Celebration at Spaghetttini Grill and Jazz Club to ring in the New Year and all the hope and change it can bring!For those you have joined us before, you know it is snugsville!

Spaghetttini Grill and Jazz Club
Grammy - Emmy Nominated Greg Adams Band
New Years Eve - Wed December 31 $100
Reserved SeatingShowtime 9PM

Jazz Great Freddie Hubbard Dies at 70

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Grammy-winning jazz musician Freddie Hubbard, whose style influenced a generation of trumpet players, has died at age 70.

Hubbard's manager, David Weiss, says the musician died Monday at Sherman Oaks Hospital in Los Angeles. He had been hospitalized since suffering a heart attack last month.

Although he had been in declining health in recent years, Hubbard continued to perform until just a few months ago. Known for both the intensity of his playing, as well as his melodic style, Hubbard's last concert was in June in New York at a party celebrating the release of his final album.

He won a Grammy in 1972 for best jazz performance by a group for the album "First Light."

For more info on Freddie Check out the following info on Wikipedia. Click Here.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

TOP Ten signs a horn band fan overdid it during Xmas: by Al Carlos

10. The only way to get the freeloading relatives to leave was to blast the TOP DVD and lip-sync in Speedos.

9. Ate so much your scarf is now too short for your neck.

8. Credit card company guy came to your house and slapped you.

7. Mommy wasn't kissing Santa Claus, it was the biker dude from Oakland.

6. White Christmas included Brother in Law trying to snort the driveway.

5. The tune “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”, brings back some painful and embarrassing ER memories.

4. Someone crazy glued antlers onto your poodle.

3. Didn’t see any Elves until you ate the brownies.

2. By making minimum payments on your credit cards, this Xmas will be paid off the year the Raider nation gets off probation.

1. Spent 15 G’s on the family and you got a clip on tie and 9 dollar house shoes.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

TOP Ten ways a horn band fan can Funkafize a Christmas party:By Al Carlos

10.Hand out presents stolen from jackets in the coat room.

9. Test out your new reed by blowing bubbles in the egg nog.

8. Stuff the mistletoe into a bong.

7. “Knock yourself out” interpretive dance.

6. Ask people if they want to see your fish trap.

5. Yell OAKLAND WHAT! Every few minutes for no apparent reason.

4. Try to out drink a Canadian hockey fan.

3. Put on and crank it.

2. A line of CPA’s doing air sax with umbrellas.

1. Call everybody “Broham”.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Current Playlist For Dec 16, 2008

Playlist is in band order, not in order of play....

Afroskull-Space Chicken
Chuck Brown-Let The Good Times Roll
Clarence Carter-Backdoor Santa
Colin James & The Little Big Band-Blue Christmas
Colin James & The Little Big Band-Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
Colin James & The Little Big Band-Cool Yule
David Sanborn-I've Got News For You (Feat. Sam Moore)
Delbert McClinton-Givin' It Up For Your Love
Dyke & The Blazers-Uhh
Fishbelly Black-Black Coffie
Frank Biner-Frankie B. Is Back In Town
Fred Ross-Jingle Baby
Funk Filharmonik-Gimme Lovin
Greg Adams-Felix The Cat
Gregg Allman-Slip Away
Horney Funk Brothers-Come Together
Ides of March-Vehicle (1970)
Jack Hammer-Swim
James Brown-Mothern Popcorn
Jazzkantine, Nils Landgren & Pee Wee Ellis-Schmackofatz
Jeff Golub-Cold Duck Time
Jon Smith-You are my Sunshine
L.A. Boppers-Where Do The Bop Go?
Little Milton & Delbert Mclinton-Some Kind of Wonderful
Lon Bronson All Star Band-This Story Must Be Told
Low Budget Blues Band-Can I Get a Witness
Luther Kent & the Forever Fabulous Chickenhawks Showband & All-Star Revue-Pocky Way
Mark Dolin-The Parkin' Lot Hang
Men From U.N.C.L.E.-Knock On Wood/Studio
Mic Gillette-Abaco
Michael Grimm-I've Been Loving You
Mick Sterling and the Stud Brothers-Jackie Wilson Said
Nils Landgren-Simple Life
Otis Redding-Merry Christmas Baby
Patrick Allen-You Lit A Fire In Me
Paulo Mendoca-Respect
Pete Escovedo-Esta Noche
Peter Friestedt-There ain't nothin' (wings of joyful thinkin')
Phantom Blues Band-Think
Poncho Sanchez-Shotgun Slim
Prime Time Funk-Piece Of My Heart
Rick Braun and Richard Elliot-Curve Ball
Rick Braun and Richard Elliot-Down and Dirty
Ridin' Thumb-Believe
Rippopotamus-Fanfare Of Funk
Rod Hedland-Someday
Roger Smith-Fiesta
Roomful of Blues-The Christmas Song
Sage-Soul Patrol
Santa Fe And The Fat City Horns-Ain't That Peculiar
Shilts-Short Island Iced Tea
Spyders-I Don't Care
Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance
Stan Getz & João Gilberto-Desafinado (Off Key)
Steve Hilliam-Take Ur Pick
Stevie Wonder-Sir Duke
Strokeland Superband-Color Me Gone
Ten Wheel Drive-Tightrope
The Mike Reilly Band-Back To The Basics
The Rascals-Jungle Walk
The Sons Of Champlin-Welcome To The Dance
THE SUPERGROOVERS-Seaside Adventures In Hollypool
The Tubes-Tip Of My Tongue
Tom Saviano-Making Up Lost Time
Tommy Castro-Big Sisters Radio
Tommy Castro-High On The Hog
Tony Adamo-Up In It
Tower Of Power-The Soul Of A Child
Various-Jimmy Hall w/LA Reflection Section / Higher And Higher
Vernon Garrett-Crossroads-Live
Was (Not Was)-I Can't Turn You Loose
Wayman Tisdale-Get Down On It
Wet Willie-Soul Sister
Whiskey Howl-Everythings Gonna Be Alright
William Bell-Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday
Willie Hutch-Lucky To Be Loved

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Fred Ross Christmas Project

Our friend vocalist Fred Ross (Strokeland Records Artist) has a new CD out. Its made up mostly of traditional Christmas Tunes, but has one original on it. You can hear the original on Fred's myspace page go to:

TOP Ten answers horn band members would give kids if they played mall Santa: by Al Carlos

10. Ho, Ho, Ho, not you Kid, the girl that just walked by, I know her type.

9. Forget a sleigh and Reindeer, this Santa rolls up in a rented van with 7 broke dudes.

8. Ask Mommy if she wants to sit on Santa's lap too?

7. Doctor Santa can wear any type of hat and even Woody Allen glasses if he wants to.

6. Good kid/ Bad kid! On The One! Hit it, Yes or No stat!

5. Ok, ok, you’ll get all that whatever…Does your Grandma make tamales?

4. Just because a Santa is from Oakland son, doesn’t mean he is doing it as court ordered community service.

3. Forget wanting a horn, the RR Hall of Fame hates that sort of thing.

2. You look familiar. What year were you born, how old are you, and does Mommy really, really, like soul music?

1. If I don't work I don't eat kid, I'm half deaf, so whadda want little Homie?

Monday, December 8, 2008

TOP Ten things DeLaHoya was thinking while on a Stool giving up By: Al Carlos

10. Thank you so much for taking the time to beat me up.

9. I did my job and fought like a pop singer.

8. Better not say I’m from East LA anymore, they don’t quit.

7. Take me to the hospital I’m going to need a boat load of Botox.

6. I shouldn’t have made fun of his Lumpias.

5. That’s just great, just got TKO'ed by the new King of the Philippines.

4. Now I know how John McCain felt.

3. Thought I had him, I kept punching him the gloves, with my face.

2. Maybe those pictures of me dressed like a woman was real after all.

1. If I hit him with my wallet would have knocked him out for sure.

TOP Ten things Greg Adams may have been thinking while playing with Celine Dion: By Al Carlos

10. Good thing she got cuter or would have no career by now.

9. I’m glad that absolutely no one from Oakland is watching this segment.

8. Ok, the jazz guys will kid me for awhile but the funk guys are going to put this on front street.

7. This is a long way from the On Broadway dive, 2 shows a night for the door.

6. How did that blonde up there get that gig playing a martini shaker?

5. This is music. Lil Wayne is what is wrong with music.

4. Glad she didn’t want to do the Titanic tune, that fogs my glasses.

3. No doubt Boogalating is not a part of her repatire.

2. I would have to do 142,000 smooth jazz concerts to perform in front of these 7.1 million viewers.

1. Hope she nods at me at the end of tune.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Greg Adams at the Grammy's

Last night at the Grammy's, Smooth Jazz Artist Greg Adams appeared with Celine Dion perfoming the song "17". Here is a clip of that perfromance.

Funk Filharmonik New CD

The Bad Boys of NY funk "Funk Filharmonik" have a new CD out "Everybody Get Down". The CD is composed of all original material and is available at the bands website (click on the artwork above to go to the website). Ozzie Melendez-Musical Director and Lee Finkelstein-Co Leader have assembled some of the most talented musicians in the New York area for this tight fisted funk infused band, including three former members of Tower of Power Brent Carter, Tom Bowes, and John Scarpulla. You can also find the band appearing in the NY City Area, check out their schedule as well.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

TOP Ten things could cheer drummer Dan Lopes up after surgery: By Al Carlos

10.Sudden pop ups on his laptop.

9. Surgery scar shaped like a map of Oakland

8. Get well basket of performance enhancement goodies from Victor Conte.

7. Sponge bath by a Candy (Dulfer) striper.

6. Sponge bath of a Candy (Dulfer) striper

5. A 40 ounce Corona premium beer IV drip.

4. A house call from the Doctor, the Funky one.

3. Knowing that no matter what he still looks better than Rocco and has more hair than the rest of Tower of Power

2. Mustang Sally finally slowed her Mustang the funk down.

1. Para-diddle on the para-medics.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Catch Greg Adams Tomorrow night

This is from Greg Adams:

Greg Adams will join Celine Dion on stage to perform and accompany her on this first time ever broadcast. Co-Hosted by LL Cool J and Taylor Swift, and Featuring Performances by Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Foo Fighters, B.B. King, John Mayer and Swift. For the first time ever, nominations for the annual GRAMMY® Awards will be announced live on primetime television Dec. 3 on CBS. More at

TOP Ten signs a horn player overdid it during Thanksgiving holidays: By Al Carlos

10. Fingers are so fat hit three Fugalhorn keys at once.

9. Relatives still laughing about your conception of smoking a turkey and lack of eyebrows.

8. This morning Malt liquor stocks surge than split.

7. Fist fight with brother in law because you brought your own knife to carve the turkey.

6. Police who came to your house knew your first name and expected a plate of food.

5. Trumpet players can read sheet music off of their belly's.

4. Wore out your lips so you have to play the cowbell instead of the Alto.

3. Button popped off your pants and knocked the cat out.

2. Done found the stroke which required emergency chiropractic care.

1. Wind coming from multiple places during flute solo.