Monday, December 8, 2008

TOP Ten things Greg Adams may have been thinking while playing with Celine Dion: By Al Carlos

10. Good thing she got cuter or would have no career by now.

9. I’m glad that absolutely no one from Oakland is watching this segment.

8. Ok, the jazz guys will kid me for awhile but the funk guys are going to put this on front street.

7. This is a long way from the On Broadway dive, 2 shows a night for the door.

6. How did that blonde up there get that gig playing a martini shaker?

5. This is music. Lil Wayne is what is wrong with music.

4. Glad she didn’t want to do the Titanic tune, that fogs my glasses.

3. No doubt Boogalating is not a part of her repatire.

2. I would have to do 142,000 smooth jazz concerts to perform in front of these 7.1 million viewers.

1. Hope she nods at me at the end of tune.