Friday, February 26, 2010

TOP Ten things band members do during a storm By Al Carlos

10.Designate a weave-wig catcher.

9. Horn section is not intimidated and threatens to blow back.

8. Attach a huge rubber band to Doc’s hat.

7. Make sure women with skinny legs not dance next to open windows.

6. Drink gallons of bottled Kool Aid.

5. Write songs for wind instruments.

4. Turn valve trombones into snow blowers.

3. Warn Larry not to shave his head outdoors.

2. Practice not laughing at fan hairdos when they do arrive.

1. Prepare to Oakland Stroke with Rocco's Bass as an oar.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Revised Playlist for 02/19/2010

Listed below is our revised playlist.  Playlist is in Artist Order and not order of play.

***Alias Smith and Lane\Smile & Nod

***Band of Oz\Wall to Wall

***Bill Bergman & The Metro Jets\One For Me One For You

***Bill Champlin\Stone Cold Hollywood

***Bill Withers, G Washington\Just the Two of Us

***Bob James\Maputo

***Bononia Sound Machine\Childred Of The Sun

***Bononia Sound Machine\Very Little Good Time

***Boston Horns\Dyno-mite

***Bradley Leighton\Café Con Leche

***Bradley Leighton\She's Gone

***Brothers Of The Southland\Rock And Roll Survivor

***Bruce Conte\Saturday Night Women

***Bull City Syndicate\You Make Me Feel

***Chad Rager Groove\Whipping Post

***Charles Earland\My Blues Is Funky

***Charles Wells\My Little Feel Good

***Chops Horns\Groove Me

***Chuck Loeb\Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight

***Cold Blood\Back Here Again

***Crusaders\Street Life

***Dave Brubeck\Take Five

***Dave Koz\The Dance

***David K. Mathews\Airegin

***David Mann\Urban Eyes

***David Sanborn Feat. Joss Stone\I Believe It To My Soul

***Dko the Darren Kramer Organization\Quench!

***Doctor Funk\Livin In Bump City

***Down to the Bone\Spiderlegs

***Dr. Payne & The Disease\Spin Around the Sun

***East Bay Soul\East Bay Soul

***East Bay Soul\iHope

***East Bay Soul\Jump, Shout & Holler

***Eddie Floyd\Knock On Wood

***Eric Bolvin\Waimea Canyon

***Evie Sands\Signed, Sealed, Delivered

***Funk Filharmonik\Don't Wanna Say

***Funk Filharmonik\Gimme Lovin'


***Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band\There's The Rub

***Gota Yashiki\What's Up Charlie

***Grant Green\Green's Greenery

***Grant Smith And The Power\99.5

***Greg Adams\Felix The Cat

***Grover Washington, Jr.\Winelight

***Herb Albert\Rise

***Here Come The Mummies\Tip Toe

***Here Come The Mummies\Oh Zone

***Here Come the Mummies\Bump

***Hip Service\Hip2DaFunk

***Howard Tate\Night Owl

***Jack Mack & Heart Attack\Hooray For City

***Jacob Merlin\Cover Me

***James Fountain\Seven Day Lover

***Jeff Tamelier\Grease Release

***Jim Byrnes\Every Waking Moment

***John Németh\Blue Broadway

***Kal David\That's Not Me

***Lavell Hardy\Don't Lose Your Groove

***Lee Ritenour\Is It You?

***Little Beaver\Listen to My Heartbeat

***Little Willie John\Fever

***Lloyd Jones\Bust Up A Love

***Lon Bronson\If You Aint Got Love

***Lou Donaldson\Midnight Creeper

***LTD feat. Jeffrey Osborne\Back in Love Again

***Luther Kent\Stormy Monday

***Majestics\Philly Dog/Night Train/Shotgun

***Marc Broussard\Love And Happiness

***Mark Dolin\Can't Stop Thinkin' About Ya

***MGB-Mic Gillette Band\Moondoggie

***Mic Gillette\Open Up The Door

***Michelle Shocked\Barefootin'

***Mingo Fishtrap\Out Of Control

***Muscle Shoals Horns\Shoalin' (Funky 'N Half-Hip)

***Nick Lane, Lee Thornberg, Jimmy Zavala, Luis Conte\Big & Hairy

***O.V. Wright\Born All Over


***ReUnion\Willing to Learn

***Roger Smith\Fiesta


***Sage\King of the Avenues

***Sage\Nobody Does It Like You

***Santa Fe And The Fat City Horns\When The Curtain Goes Up

***Scott Martin\Menudo And Gritz

***Scott Martin Latin Soul Band\Voodoo Juice


***Severn Soul Revue\They Say

***Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings\100 Days

***Shilts\Too Close To The Edge

***Soul Stew\Backstabbers

***Strokeland Superband\Just In Case You Wondered

***Strokeland Superband\Kick It Up A Step

***Tad Robinson\Long Way Home

***The Boogie Kings\Hold On, I'm Comin'

***The Boogie Kings\Standing On Shakey Ground

***The Boogie Kings\You Don't Know Me

***The Buckinghams\Don't You Care

***The Buckinghams\Kind of a Drag

***The Budos Band\Mas o Menos

***The Chops Band\Scrapple And Grits

***The Fantastic Johnny C.\Hitch It To The Horse

***The Soul Children\Who Is She (And What Is She To You) - The Soul Children

***The Spyders\I Don't Care

***Tommy Castro\Hard Believer

***Tony Adamo\Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

***Tony Adamo\This Time It's Real

***Tower Of Power\You Ain't All That

***Tower of Power\Me and Mrs. Jones

***Tower of Power\You Met Your Match

***Various Artists\Down In The Country

***Warren Hill\Easy

***Wet Willie\Weekend (full version)

***Willie Mitchell\30-60-90

***Wilson Pickett\Do You Like Good Music

Saturday, February 13, 2010

TOP Ten Oakland valentine tips By Al Carlos

10. Sit down, have a smoke, tell a joke and insult the old folk.

9. Try not to get the munchies and eat all the chocolates on the way home.

8. Romantic walk, jog, swim for your life around lake merit at dusk.

7. Quiet dinner for two, then, pull a runner.

6. Quiet evening at home, tell the kids to get lost.

5. The right flowers should not be smokeable.

4. Still a young man interpretive dance.

3. Drive to the Oakland hills to view the city lights below, try to find out who isn’t home so you can “visit” their house.

2. Matching tats.

1. BBQ heart sculptures.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Strokeland Week at

Strokeland week is now up and running. Our current play list is dedicated to the artists found at Strokeland Records. We are playing two to three songs per artist from the Strokeland Records site.  For more info on Strokeland Records go to

Below is our curent playlist in artist order, not in order of play:

***Alias Smith and Lane\Flashback
***Alias Smith and Lane\Little Buggers
***Alias Smith and Lane\Smile & Nod
***Bill Bergman & The Metro Jets\One For Me One For You
***Bill Bergman & The Micro Jets\Soul Universe
***Bill Bergman & The Micro Jets\The Metro 3:30 A.M.
***Bruce Conte\Bump It Up
***Bruce Conte\Saturday Night Women
***Bruce Conte\Thump
***Chad Rager Groove\Squib Cakes
***Chad Rager Groove\St. Bernard
***Chad Rager Groove\Whipping Post
***David K. Mathews\Airegin
***David K. Mathews\Four by Five
***David K. Mathews\Nite Trane
***Doc Kupka\A Toast for Huey
***Doctor Funk\It May Be Very Good
***Doctor Funk\Livin In Bump City
***Doctor Funk\Step Up To The Plate
***Funkiphino\Hold On
***Funkiphino\Rise Above
***Hip Service\Hip2DaFunk
***Hip Service\Nuff Said
***Hip Service\Sunday Morning
***Jack Mack & Heart Attack\Hooray For City
***Jack Mack & Heart Attack\I Like Women
***Jack Mack & Heart Attack\Livin' It Up
***Jazz Rosco\Five Alive
***Jeff Tamelier\E & J 4 Way
***Jeff Tamelier\East of the Caldecott
***Jeff Tamelier\Grease Release
***Jimmy McIntosh\G-Spot
***Jimmy McIntosh\It Was a Virus
***Jimmy McIntosh\Mama Funk
***John Lee Sanders\Foreclose On The House Of Love
***John Lee Sanders\It's All Blues To Me
***John Lee Sanders\Lost In The Shuffle
***Jon R. Smith\Miss New Orleans
***Jon R. Smith\Slow Jam
***Jon R. Smith\You are my Sunshine
***Larry Braggs\Halftime
***Larry Braggs\Whatcha Tryin' Yo Say?
***Larry Braggs\Willin' To Learn
***Lon Bronson\This Story Must Be Told
***Lon Bronson\If You Aint Got Love
***Lon Bronson\White Punks On Dope
***Mark Dolin\Belly Up
***Mark Dolin\Can't Stop Thinkin' About Ya
***Mark Dolin\The Parkin' Lot Hang
***Mic Gillette\Funky Good Time
***Mic Gillette\Open Up The Door
***Mic Gillette\Tell Mama
***Mingo Fishtrap\Catch The Bus
***Mingo Fishtrap\Dirty Gritty
***Mingo Fishtrap\Out Of Control
***Patrick Allen\Good Lovin' Woman
***Patrick Allen\You Lit A Fire In Me
***Roger Smith\Fiesta
***Roger Smith\Sittin' In
***Ron E. Beck\Can't Go Back
***Ron E. Beck\Rainbow
***Ron E. Beck\When the Sun Goes Down
***Sage\Don't Quit Your Day Job
***Sage\King of the Avenues
***Santa Fe And The Fat City Horns\Everybody Wants To Love You
***Santa Fe And The Fat City Horns\I'll Pack It Up
***Santa Fe And The Fat City Horns\When The Curtain Goes Up
***Strokeland Superband With Fred Ross\When Little Jesse Hit The Set
***Strokeland Superband With Glenn Walters\Diamond Billy's Uptown Bar-B-Que
***Strokeland Superband\Kick It Up A Step
***Strokeland Superband\Just In Case You Wondered
***Tony Adamo\Groove Therapy
***Tony Adamo\Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
***Tony Adamo\This Time It's Real
***Zen Blues Quartet\Body And Fender Man
***Zen Blues Quartet\Pack It Up
***Zen Blues Quartet\You're Gonna Need Me

Friday, February 5, 2010

Strokeland week begins Monday

Strokeland week begins Monday February 8th. Next weeks play list will be dedicated to the artists found at Strokeland Records. We be playing two to three songs per artist from the Strokeland Records site. Some of the artists found at Strokeland are:

The Strokeland Superband, DoctorfunK, Alias Smith & Lane, Santa Fe & the Fat City Horns, Jeff Tamelier, Larry Braggs, Roger Smith, Mic Gillette, Chad Rager, Mingo Fishtrap, Bill Bergman and the Metro Jets, Jack Mack, Patrick Allen, Mark Dolin, Jimmy McIntosh, Lon Bronson Allstar Band, Sage, Bruce Conte, David K. Mathews, Ron E. Beck, Tony Adamo, and Funkiphino.

About Strokeland:

Strokeland Records, home of East Bay Soul Music, was created by Stephen 'Doc' Kupka, legendary baritone saxophonist for Tower of Power as a platform for his prodigious songwriting career. Strokeland has become home to many great East Bay Soul and Jazz artists and features great horn music.

For more information on Strokeland Records, you can find them at

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lon Bronson All-Star Band to perform with members of Tower Of Power

Next Thursday night February 11th the Lon Bronson Band All-Star Band will play its normal monthly gig at the Green Valley Ranch here in Las Vegas.  This months show will have some very special guests, members of the Kings of East Bay Soul "Tower Of Power".  As of this writing "Tower" members Stephen "Doc" Kupka (Bari Sax), Tom E. Politzer (Tenor Sax), Rocco Prestia (Bass), and Larry Braggs (Lead Vocalist) will be appearing.  The show will start at  9:00 PM.  I would suggest that you get there early, as there will be a full house for this event.

Tower Of Power is in town February 12th and 13th, for two performances at 8:00 PM at "The Cannery".

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Music From Mic Gillette and Revised Playlist

We have two songs in our current playlist that are from Mic Gillette's (of Tower of Power fame) band MGB or the Mic Gillette Band.  Both songs "Moondoggie" and "Don't Let The Door Hitcha'" are from MGB's first CD (not yet released) titled "Moondoggie".   Check out their web site for more information

Below are the songs in our current always they are in artist order and not in order of play.

***Brand New Heavies/Have A Good Time
***Chops the Band/Groove Me
***Eddie Floyd/Knock On Wood
***Eddie Floyd/I've Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)
***John Findlay/Intoxicated
***Kal David/Someone Else Is Steppin' In
***Larry Carlton/Friday Night Shuffle
***Little Mike & The Sweet Soul Music Band/Free Ride
***Lloyd Jones/I've Got To Get You Back
***Lou Donaldson/Midnight Creeper
***Low Budget Blues Band/Can I Get a Witness
***LTD feat. Jeffrey Osborne/Back in Love Again
***Luther Kent/Who Will The Next Fool Be
***Luther Kent and Trick Bag/Let The Good Times Roll
***Lydia Pense & Cold Blood/Back Here Again
***Marc Broussard/Love And Happiness
***Matchbox Twenty/Black & White People
***Max Carl & Big Dance/Show Me The Money
***Maynard Ferguson/Birdland
***Mellow Fellows/I've Got To Find A Way
***Men From U.N.C.L.E./Knock On Wood/Studio
***MGB-Mic Gillette Band/Moondoggie
***MGB-Mic Gillette Band/Don't Let The Door Hitcha
***Michael Grimm/I've Been Loving You
***Mighty Sam McClain/I'm Sorry
***Mike Reilly/Whos Been Sleeping In My Bed
***Molasses/Straight From The Players
***Neville Brothers/Sister Rosa
***Newtone/In The Beginning
***Nils Gessinger/Mind Overload
***Norbert Stachel/The Coast Is Clear
***O.V. Wright/Trying To Live My Life Without You
***Ohio Players/Fire
***Pat O'Donnell/Tee Time
***Paul Craver/Macon Memphis and Muscle Shoals
***Paulinho Da Costa/I'm Going To Rio
***Paulo Mendoca/Respect
***Pee Wee Ellis/Cold Sweat / Licking Stick Licking Stick
***Pete Escovedo/Esta Noche
***Peter Friestedt/Time To Play
***Phantom Blues Band/Do The Dirt
***Phoebe Snow/Best Of My Love
***Players Association/The Closer I Get To You
***Poncho Sanchez/Shotgun Slim
***Prime Time Funk/Love Will Find A Way
***Ralf Buschmeyer/EST 1968
***Ray Charles/Still Crazy After All These Years
***Rented Mule/Drive By Booty
***Richard Elliot/Neon Nights
***Rick Braun/Down and Dirty
***Ridin' Thumb/Know What I Mean
***Robert Peckman/I Wanna Go Down To New Orleans
***Rufus Thomas/That Woman Is Poison
***Sage/Soul Patrol
***Sanford & Townsend/Smoke From A Distant Fire
***Santa Fe/Soul Trilogy
***Santana/Everybody´s Everything
***Scott Martin Latin Soul Band/Pork Choppin'
***Seawind/Follow Your Road
***Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings/Keep On Looking
***Shilts/Short Island Iced Tea
***Sly & The Family Stone/Dance To The Music
***Soul Stew/Funky Nassau
***Soulbop/Open The Door To Your Heart
***Steve Bassett/On A Saturday Night
***Steve Ferrone/Pick Up The Pieces
***Tad Robinson/Your Love Is Amazing
***Ten Wheel Drive With Genya Ravan/Tightrope
***The Boogie Kings/Standing On Shakey Ground
***The Maxwell Project/I Could Be So Happy
***The Phil Collins Big Band/Sussudio
***The Sons of Champlin/Tabacco Road
***The Soul Children/Bring It Here
***THE SUN MESSENGERS/Late Night Cruise
***The Super Groovers/Super Groover
***Tom Saviano/JP's Groove
***Tom Scott/Sarah, Sarah
***Tommy Castro/High On The Hog
***Topper Headon/Leave it to luck
***Tower Of Power/South of the Boulevard
***Tower Of Power/Steamroller
***Tower Of Power/You Got To Funkifize
***Various Artists/Don't Turn Your Heater Down
***Vernon Garrett/Mixed Emotions
***Warren Hill/Easy
***Was (Not Was)/I Can't Turn You Loose
***Whiskey Howl/I'll Go Crazy
***Willie Mitchell/30-60-90
***Yoichi Murata/Two Woodpeckers
***Zapp Zapp/Heavy Pooh
***Zen Blues Quartet/What A Life