Thursday, January 29, 2009

TOP Ten ways Strokeland records are dealing with the recession: By Al Carlos

10. Bumped back to coach, then standby.

9. Fat city horns using flutes and piccolos.

8. Melody came back broke and had to move back in.

7. Steve Finch wants Doc to pass the hat instead of wearing it at gigs.

6. Doctorfunk is now forced to take medical patients.

5. Mingo is now forced to fry the fish they trap.

4. Funkapino now sells Lumpias and rubber slippers at every gig.

3. Jack Mack’s band is finally on disability.

2. Zen Blues quartet -in debt, but haven’t actualized the experience yet.

1. Mark Doilin is lookin’ at tomorrow, but not thrilled about it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Live 365 Widget Added

We just added a new Live 365 widget to our blog. On the top of the upper left side or our blog you will now see Live 365 artwork. You can now click here to go to the station. Also if the album artwork is available it will also now appear (album artwork is courtesy of so if they don't have the CD in their library it will not appear). You can also upgrade to a premium Live 365 account from this widget. Check it out by going to the blog

Thursday, January 22, 2009

TOP Ten signs it’s too cold for horn band to play by: Al Carlos

10.Trombone players golf balls are blue.

9. Knocking knees sound like castanets in the monitors.

8. Snow shoes instead of house shoes backstage.

7. B 3 player needs an electric blanket to keep his organ warm.

6. Walt Disney sits in.

5. Crew members pole dancer girlfriends stuck at work.

4. If places keep freezing over the DVD and the new website may be released.

3. Turning to Middle Eastern religions just for the headware.

2. Fans stand in the spit zone to dry off frozen eyebrows.

1. Funkscicles.

Monday, January 12, 2009

TOP Ten reasons to listen to, at work: by Al Carlos

10. The Babe/Hunk receptionist will no longer think you are a weenie.

9. East Bay folks will no longer eat your lunch, then deny it.

8. A constant reminder of how much your life doesn’t suck after work.

7. The music makes you feel much hipper than you really look.

6. There is a HUGE Chance the manager loves Kenny G., this will irate him/her.

5. Subliminal incentive to chug malt liquor during afternoon break time.

4. If a colleague recognizes one or more of the tunes, they have carpool potential.

3. If you are caught sticking your tongue out at the CEO, you can say that you were practicing a complicated horn riff.

2. The boss will fear that you are from Oakland and be really afraid to lay you off.

1. People may want to hang with you instead of hide from you after work.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Featured Artist-Luther Kent

One of our favorite Artists Luther Kent has a brand new CD out. The CD "LUTHER KENT THE BOBBY BLAND SONGBOOK" is available on the Vetter Communications Corporation Label and can be purchased at CD Baby or DigStation. The Track listing is as follows:

Who Will The Next Fool Be
Aint' That Lovin' You
I'll Take Care Of You
I Pity The Fool
Stormy Monday
Cry, Cry, Cry
St. James Infirmary
Don't Cry No More
Blind Man
That's The Way Love IS
I've Just Got To Forget You
I Wouldn't Treat A Dog.

Who Will The Next Fool Be, and I Pity The Fool are currently in our rotation, along with several songs from other Luther Kent offerings, you can check them out below in our current rotation list.

About Luther Kent (taken from his Website):

Luther Kent was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. At age 14 Luther began singing professionally and signed with Louisiana based Montel Records. His first record was released under the name of Duke Royal, and the song was "I Wanna Know". Luther toured the country for a three year period while being managed by Walt Daisy who also handled Wayne Cochran & the C.C.Riders.

In 1970 Luther became lead singer for a group who previously was the rhythm section for Atlantic records at Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida. This group became known as "Cold Grits" who was signed to Lou Adlers Ode Records in Los Angeles. Personal problems erupted within the group and Luther became bound to a lengthy contract. Shortly after the breakup of "Cold Grits" Luther was asked to come aboard as new lead singer for "Blood, Sweet & Tears". He did their world tour dates in 1974-75 and part of 76. During this time he learned he would not be granted a release from Ode records, therefore he was never allowed to record with the world famous group.

Luther now went solo to record his first album at Abby Road studios in London, England. The album is call "Luther Kent World Class" The album featured the Brecker Brothers with members from the London symphony and the London Philharmonic and was arranged by Dell Newman.

In 1978 Luther teamed up with former musical director for Wayne Cochran, Charlie Brent. They formed a large New Orleans horn band which became known as "Luther Kent & Trick Bag". This became the after hours band for many named artists to sit in with, whenever they were visiting New Orleans. Some of these artists included big names such as; Boz Scaggs, B.B. King, Bobby Blue Bland, Slim Harpo, Jimmy Page, Bonnie Bramlett, Greg Allman, Etta James, Joe Cocker, Stevie Winwood, Bo Diddley, Dr. John, Rita Coolidge, Righteous Brothers, Ike & Tina Turner, Wilson Pickett, ZZ Top, Rickie Lee Jones, Mick Fleetwood, Billy Preston, Ernie K-doe, Mike Post, Average White Band, AL Hirt, Billy Ekstein and Pete Fountain. Many good times were had while listening to Big Luther and told in such books later written by Jimmy Buffet and football great, Kenny "The Snake" Stabler. Luther was also written up in another book titled, " Up From The Cradles of Jazz".

During the ten year period of "Trick Bag" Luther released 3 CD's while winning a Cleo award with another Louisiana artist known to many as John Fred of "Judy In Disguise" fame. From doing many radio & TV commercials Luther is also a multi "Addy" award winner. In 1987 Dallas based Independent record promoter Ernie Phillips signed Luther to FM records. Ernie immediately introduced Luther to Grammy Award winning producer Mike Post who produced the album "Past Due". Mike being one of the hottest producers of TV themes later cast Luther in a singing role of the show "COP ROCK". Other product recently released on Luther has included an album called "Classic Songs". Two releases with the multitalented Texas/Louisiana based band know as "The Chicken Hawks" under the leadership of Jack Calmes featuring such greats as Al "TNT" Braggs and the "White Trash" horn section. The latest CD just released on Red Hot Records is titled, "Luther Kent "Down In New Orleans".

Anyone who has ever been to New Orleans, heard Luther Kent,and made a return visit to the city will immediately do the following:

Get checked into their hotel

Find out if Luther is playing in town

Make plans to chow down on some good Creole food

Moan for awhile if Luther is out of town, and if he is playing ...... Party all night long until the sun comes up and tell their friends back home that they have not lived until they've heard Luther sing the blues.

Visit Luther at his website:

New Playlist

The Playlist below is effective today January 07, 2009

Playlist is in Artist order, not in programming order.

Ain't No Thang-Late Nite Party Boys
Average White Band-Oh, Maceo
Barela-Tower Pops
Barry Danielian-Common Ground
Bill Bergman & The Metro Jets-G' Man
Bill Evans-The Shorty Shuffle
Blast-Do it 'till dawn
Blood, Sweat & Tears-Sometimes In Winter
Bobby Purify-Somebody's Gotta Do it
Bona Fide-The Horse You Came In On
Brandon Fields-Studio Cafe Blues
Brecker Brothers-Some Skunk Funk
Candy Dulfer-I'm The One
Chad Rager Groove-Whipping Post
Charles Wright-Express Yourself
Chase-Get It On
Chris Cain-Wake up and Smell the Coffee
Chuck Mangione-Children Of Sanchez (Theme)
Cold Blood-Funky On My Back
Dave Dunlop-The Hang
Dave Weckl Band-Tower Of Inspiration
David Clayton - Thomas-Mornin' Blues
David Sanborn-Soul Sarenade
Delbert McClinton-Maybe Someday Baby
Delta Wires-Big Leg Woman
Doctor Funk-Can't Fight The Funk
Doug And The Slugs-It's Got To Be Monday
Down To The Bone-To The Bone
Drori-Hansen Furniture-I Can Take It
East 4th HornS-I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Edgar Winter-Free Ride
Entropy-We Came To Funk
Eric Miyashiro-Ken's Bar
Euge Groove-Let's Get It On
Five Alarm Funk-Big City
Freeport-Keep it Up All Alone the Line
Glenn Walters with the Strokeland Superband-Yo' Love Is Far Out
Greg Adams-Roadhouse
Hamish Stuart-Makin' It Up
Heavytones-Turn it up
Howard Tate-Ain't Nobody Home
Izit-Izit Everywhere Part 2
Jack Mack & Heart Attack-Cardiac Party
James Brown-Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
Jeff Golub-If I Ever Lose This Heaven
Jerry Lopez-Canta Con Migo
Jules Broussard-Cajun Moon
Larry Carlton-Minute By Minute
Lighthouse-One Fine Morning (Canadian Mix)
Little Feat-Dixie Chicken
Little Royal-Razor Blade
Luther Kent-Who Will The Next Fool Be
Luther Kent-I Pity The Fool
Luther Kent-Um Um Um
Luther Kent & the Forever Fabulous Chickenhawks Showband & All-Star Revue-Ain't Nuthin You Can Do
Luther Kent & the Forever Fabulous Chickenhawks Showband & All-Star Revue-Pocky Way
Luther Kent and Trick Bag-Let The Good Times Roll
Mandrill-Hang Loose
Nils Gessinger-Soulmusic
Otis Grand-Finish Line w/Curtis Selgado
Pat O'Donnell Group-Tee Time featuring Blvd. East
Pee Wee Ellis-How I Depend On You
Pee Wee Ellis-Cold Sweat / Licking Stick Licking Stick
Peter Friestedt-Time To Play
Peter Friestedt-Time To Play
Players Association-Ride The Groove
Quicksilver Messenger Service-MOJO
Richard Elliot-When The Lights Go Out
Santa Fe-Higher Ground
Scott Martin-Cafe Cubano
Strokeland Superband-Let's Do Funk
The Blues Brothers-634-5789
The Commitments-Try A Little Tenderness
the dirty dozen brass band-ain't nothin' but a party
The JB Horns-I like it like that
The Sons Of Champlin-Tabacco Road
Tom Scott-Sarah, Sarah
Tony Adamo-Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Tower Of Power-Ball And Chain
Vernon Garrett-Mixed Emotions
Wayman Tisdale-Get Down On It
Zen Blues Quartet-Powerful Stuff

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Info on Jazz Rosco 2

Roger Smith has just posted on his myspace page two partial songs from his upcoming "Jazz Rosco 2" CD. The cuts are "Catz Play" and "Rachael's Dream".

At this time, there is no formal release date for the CD, but we will let you know just as soon as we hear something.

You can find Roger's myspace page here.

Monday Night At The Palms-Las Vegas

Once again (last night) Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns played host to Rocco Prestia from Tower of Power. Rocco sat in with the band for a few tunes. There's quite a few photos of Rocco as well. Here's the link Santa Fe.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

TOP Ten signs a horn band fan spent Holidays in Oakland: By Al Carlos

10. Instead of “Good Morning” tells co-workers “Homie, homie, homie, don’t you know me, know me know me”.

9. Tells Human Resources, I may be a Gringo, but I ain't no punk, believe that Cuz.

8. Wears pajamas/nightgown under business suit.

7. Has a new Al Sharpton hairdo, fried, dyed and laid to the side.

6. Parks Harley on sidewalk in front of the building.

5. Installed 24 inch chrome rims on family Saturn.

4. Brings Everett and Jones doggie bag leftovers for lunch.

3. 6 member horn section screen saver with your image edited in.

2. All phone messages ending with “Holler back Boyee".

1. Shows up one day late with no excuse for no apparent reason.