Sunday, January 4, 2009

TOP Ten signs a horn band fan spent Holidays in Oakland: By Al Carlos

10. Instead of “Good Morning” tells co-workers “Homie, homie, homie, don’t you know me, know me know me”.

9. Tells Human Resources, I may be a Gringo, but I ain't no punk, believe that Cuz.

8. Wears pajamas/nightgown under business suit.

7. Has a new Al Sharpton hairdo, fried, dyed and laid to the side.

6. Parks Harley on sidewalk in front of the building.

5. Installed 24 inch chrome rims on family Saturn.

4. Brings Everett and Jones doggie bag leftovers for lunch.

3. 6 member horn section screen saver with your image edited in.

2. All phone messages ending with “Holler back Boyee".

1. Shows up one day late with no excuse for no apparent reason.