Friday, September 26, 2008

This Past Monday at the Palms With Santa Fe

As usual Santa Fe And The Fat City Horns were smoking this past Monday night. The house was packed, with music fans, as well as established musicians. Jerry Lopez is often able to pull a few people up from the crowd to sit in with the band, and Monday night was no exception. Coming up to sit in a couple tunes was Bonnie B. from Spyro Gyra, Bonnie is a real bad ass drummer.

Photo Courtesy of Bobby G.

Also in the house stepping up to play, was Tom Politzer lead tenor sax from Tower of Power. Tom sat in for all but three tunes, and was smokin'. He layed down a couple really nice solo's, and was reading the bands charts so well that Santa Fe's lead tenor sat down for quite a few songs.

Photo Courtesy of Bobby G.

As a footnote, Jerry Lopez band leader fro Santa Fe was spotted this past Saturday night groovin' to Tower of Power at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino. For more info check out Santa Fe on their blog maintained by Bobby G. Click here for the Blog.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TOP Fans Hit Las Vegas

This past weekend, a number of Tower of Power fans came to Las Vegas to see the band for three nights, but mainly it was a gathering of friends. Many of those that attended, had communicated with each other through Internet message boards for years, and yet this was there first face to face meeting. For me, there were but I few that I had actually met in person, so this gathering was particularly special. Many that attended came in Thursday and stayed until Monday. Most attended all three shows, but the full group was in attendance Saturday night.

The gathering included folks from the East and West coasts as well as some friends from Canada. Below is a picture of those that attended Saturdays show (also in the picture are Tower of Power's David Garibaldi, and Tom Politzer).

Photo Courtesy of Bob Burchfield

The highlight of the weekend was a gaff made by Bob Burchfield (Burchie) during Sunday's performance. Right before the beginning of "Diggin on James Brown", Emilio Castillo normally introduces the song by Announcing the Tower of Power is a Soul Band Playing Soul Music For 40 years, he goes on to say and From 1968 right up to.....and then hands the microphone to Burchie to finish the line. Here is the video evidence of what happens next:

I have personally been to many Tower of Power shows and this was the first time that I actually saw the entire band roll with laughter. Burchie were are laughing with you, not at you my friend.

On a personal note, I don't believe I have ever been with such a large group of people, that got a long so well. Never an argument, just a sharing of friendship, love of music, and tons of laughter. To those who came to Vegas this weekend all I can say is that I'm grateful to have had this experience, to those who missed it but wanted to attend, you were there in spirit.

Raoul Fernandes

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TOP Ten things jerk high rollers say at Las Vegas casino gigs by Al Carlos

10. Why do they want to dig up James Brown?

9. They call him Doc because he looks like your proctologist.

8. So Very Hard to grow? Is he talking about your hair or what?

7. I came to play too, but I lost my shorts.

6. You think the Young Man is wasting his time? He should try the quarter slots.

5. Why didn’t they tell us it was Raider nation tattoo night?

4. This is just great; they seat us in front of the horn section now I have to use the chin strap so my toupee doesn’t get blown off again.

3. Waiter, there has been a mistake, I’m not a high roller I’m a holy roller, and don’t do two drink minimums.

2. The bass player must have gotten the liver of an African American guy.

1. I wish I found a stroke instead of having one.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another band celebrating 40 year

Another band marking its 40th anniversay is "Blood, Sweat, and Tears".

From the BS&T website:

A musical institution, Blood Sweat & Tears has left an indelible mark on the American music scene since 1968. One of the greatest horn bands in the history of popular music, BS&T’s alumni roster reads like a Who’s Who of the world’s greatest jazz and rock musicians.

As BS&T has evolved through the years, it has maintained its commitment to high standards by including in its current roster the most talented musicians available.

Starting out in Greenwich Village in New York, the band won world-wide acclaim, becoming the first in many categories: first band to tour behind the Iron Curtain, first band to have 3 hit singles from the same record, first band to combine rock with jazz, etc.

Racking up sales in the millions, BS&T earned multiple gold albums—there were no platinum plaques at that time—and Grammy Awards, including the most prestigious of them all, Album of the Year.

The current line up is:

Rob Paparozzi : vocals

Dave Gellis : guitar

Glenn McClelland : keyboards

Gary Foote : bass

Andrea Valentini : drums

Teddy Mulet : trumpet

Steve Jankowski : trumpet

Jens Wendelboe : trombone

Also touring with the band is founding member Steve Katz (guitar and harmonica).

For more information check out their website: Blood, Sweat and Tears

Tower of Power 40th at the Fillmore

October 18th will be a very special evening. That is the night that Tower of Power holds its official 40th anniversary party. The party will be held at the legendary "Fillmore" in San Francisco. Tickets to the show are sold out, however about 50 special VIP tickets remain. To find out more information about the VIP tickets go to:

Monday, September 15, 2008

Updated Playlist

Songs in our Rotation as of 09/15/08:

***Al Kooper-Id Rather Be An Old Mans Sweetheart (Than A Young Mans Fool)
***Barbara Lynn-This Is The Thanks I Get
***Barry Danielian-Common Ground
***BIG HORNS BEE-Vamp Intro (Reprise)
***Big Maybelle-96 Tears
***Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows-300 Pounds Of Heavenly Joy
***Bill Bergman & The Metro Jets-Milano
***Bill Champlin-Headed For The Top
***Brand New Heavies-Have A Good Time
***Brandon Fields-Studio Cafe Blues
***Brecker Brothers-Sneakin' Up Behide You
***Bruce Willis-Fun Time
***Clayton/Scott Group-Color Of Love
***Cold Blood-You Got Me Hummin
***Cracked Ice-Here To Stay
***David Clayton - Thomas-Mornin' Blues
***Delbert McClinton-Blues As Blues Can Get
***Doctor Funk-It May Be Very Good
***Dr. Hector & the Groove Injectors-Shame, Shame, Shame
***Dr. John-There Must Be A Better World Somewhere
***Edgar Winter-I've Got New For You
***Edgar Winter-Free Ride
***Erika Badu-Funky Nassau
***Freeport-Get Back
***Greg Adams-Firefly
***Harvey Scales-Get Down
***Himlaväsen-Release Yourself
***Jack Hammer-Swim
***Jaco Pastorius-Soul Intro/The Chicken
***James Carr-You Don't Want Me
***James Taylor-Whenever Your Ready
***Jeff Golub-Grand Central
***Jimmy Hall-Here I Am
***Joey Gilmore-Somebody Done Took My Baby And Gone
***John Findlay-Intoxicated
***John Witmer-Now You Know
***Johnny Adams-Back To Normal
***Johnny Otis Show-The Watts Breakaway
***Jon Cleary-Best Ain't Good Enough
***Jules Broussard-Love Won't Let Me Wait
***Kim Wilson-When The Lights Go Out
***King Curtis- Live at Fillmore-Memphis Soul Stew
***Larry Carlton-Night Sweats
***Little Mike & The Sweet Soul Music Band-Dance Across The Floor
***Little Royal-Jealous
***Louise Hoffsten-Good For You
***Low Budget Blues Band-The Usual
***Luther Kent & the Forever Fabulous Chickenhawks Showband & All-Star Revue-Ain't Nuthin You Can Do
***Luther Kent and Trick Bag-Hoochie Coochie Man
***Luther Kent and Trick Bag-Let The Good Times Roll
***Max Carl Gronenthal-Show Me The Money
***Mi22-Still remember
***Mic Gillette-Before I Go
***Mingo Fishtrap-Catch The Bus
***Neville Brothers-Vodoo
***Newtone-Self Confidence
***Nils Gessinger-Mind Overload
***Nils Landgren-Simple Life
***Norbert Stachel-I've Got This Feelin'
***Otis Redding & Carla Thomas-Knock On Wood
***Pastiche-You Hit The Spot
***Pat O'Donnell Group-Tee Time featuring Blvd. East
***Patrick Allen-You Lit A Fire In Me
***Paul Langille-Bing It On Home To Me
***Peter Friestedt-There ain't nothin' (wings of joyful thinkin')
***Phantom Blues Band-Do The Dirt
***Phantom Blues Band-Think
***Phoebe Snow-Best Of My Love
***Ridin' Thumb-Believe
***Robben Ford-Keep On Running
***Rocco Prestia-Express Yourself
***Rod Hedland-Someday
***Ross Carnegie-Cool Dad
***Soul Clan-That's How It Feels
***Soul Stew-I'll Be Around
***Super Funky Express-Super Funky Express
***Tad Robinson-Suffering From The Blues
***Tad Robinson-Too Late To Turn Back Now
***The Blues Brothers-Sweet Home Chicago
***The Doobie Brothers-Long Train Running
***The Groove Hogs-Soul Infatuation
***The Hip Pocket-The Pocket
***The JB Horns-Evening in New York
***The Mike Reilly Band-Back To The Basics
***The Super Groovers-Super Groover
***Tommy Castro-Big Sisters Radio
***Tower of Power-Can't You Feel It?
***Triple Trouble-Help
***Triple Trouble-Mamma Jamma
***Wayman Tisdale-Get Down On It
***Whiskey Howl-I'll Go Crazy

TOP Ten things a R&B horn band fan does at a smooth jazz concert by Al Carlos

10. Get free tax advise and math home work help.


9. Walk around with a huge kool aid cup filling it with everyone else’s white wine.


8. Pretend to be a valet parker and take Volvos joyriding.


7. Mean mug, loafer wearing college professors, causing their significant others to weep.


6. Take up a ‘save the gay whales’ collection then buy a keg of malt liquor.


5. Offer cute English lit major coeds ride on your American Chopper.


4. Take huge bites out of Accountants tofu picnic sandwiches.


3. Petition the court saying that, mandatory attendance as a condition of an Anger Management program, is cruel and usual punishment for a true funkateer.


2. Wear a cheap mop on your head and tell everybody you are Kenny G.


1. Do the Doc Kupka  dance during meaningful solos, next to the stage.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


10. He know what it feels like to be followed around by security at Macys.

9. Obama rhymes with Tu Mama.

8. Like most of us, he doesn't know how to bowl.

7. He could show up to a Quiencenra and no one would think he is a narc.

6. Finally, a First Lady that can dance.

5. He looks like the Legal Aide Lawyer that got your Tio probation.

4. Vote for Barak-o, don't be a Borrach-o.

3. Knows what it's like to have major hair issues.

2. If he wins, national health care/education teach us how not to have fat kids.

1. Obama would be the first President to struggle paying off student loans. Rocco Prestia sits in with Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns. Rocco Prestia sits in with Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns.

Rocco Prestia sits in with Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns.

You never know who's gonna be in the house at the Palms on Monday nights, when Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns play. Last night it was Rocco Prestia from "Tower of Power". Not only was Rocco in the house, but he sat in with the band as well. For more info and pictures, go to

TOP Ten things you don’t want to hear from the tour bus restroom by Al Carlos

10. Quick somebody call my phone I may have flushed it.

9. I’ve got the hat and if you don’t let me do my Hendrix solo, I’ll blow chunks into it.

8. Be out in a minute, I know I SHOULD be driving but I put it on cruise control, it will be arrright.

7. Toss me the Sunday paper, someone forgot to go to Costco again.

6. Spock this is Bones, beam me up.

5. Accordion music.

4. Take it easy on the brakes! I’m trying to shave my head.

3. Who wants some of this potato wine? I learned to make it in prison.

2. Can you hear me now?

1. Dudes, we really need an office. I’m having a hard time silk screening these t-shirts.

Monday, September 1, 2008

TOP Ten ways we celebrate Labor Day in Oakland by Al Carlos

10.Fill out job applications.

9. Wonder how Jerry Lewis got so fat.

8. Last BBQ before going back to school and or prison.

7. Use sharpies to draw in new eyebrows after lighting new BBQ.

6. No Cerveza, No Trabajo.

5. Raider Nation tailgaters practice slapping each other for no apparent reason.

4. Go into labor, as result of a major New Years celebration.

3. Retro Cool soul music fans get regular medical check up’s and finds that they are shot to the curb because of the 70tys.

2. Invent new campaign slogans like, “Vote for Obama or I’ll slap your Mama”.

1. Taxed to the max parents spend major G’s on back to school clothes.