Monday, September 1, 2008

TOP Ten ways we celebrate Labor Day in Oakland by Al Carlos

10.Fill out job applications.

9. Wonder how Jerry Lewis got so fat.

8. Last BBQ before going back to school and or prison.

7. Use sharpies to draw in new eyebrows after lighting new BBQ.

6. No Cerveza, No Trabajo.

5. Raider Nation tailgaters practice slapping each other for no apparent reason.

4. Go into labor, as result of a major New Years celebration.

3. Retro Cool soul music fans get regular medical check up’s and finds that they are shot to the curb because of the 70tys.

2. Invent new campaign slogans like, “Vote for Obama or I’ll slap your Mama”.

1. Taxed to the max parents spend major G’s on back to school clothes.