Monday, August 25, 2008

TOP Ten reasons horn band members don’t marry each other by Al Carlos

10. They agree with the Bible which says Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

9. None of the band members are gay or can even put a matching outfit together.

8. In Oakland when Homies get out of the penitentiary they usually go back to girls.

7. Someone would have to quit and get a straight job so they can have medical benefits.

6. They would accidentally murder their pets by being on the road so long.

5. If one got fired from the band, the other would mess up songs on purpose.

4. If they look uncomfortable dancing side by side could you imagine face to face?

3. They would rather find someone with money.

2. Don’t want to be honor bound to donate vital organs.

1. Being on the road with ten dudes is worse than being married.