Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TOP Ten things you don’t want to hear from the tour bus restroom by Al Carlos

10. Quick somebody call my phone I may have flushed it.

9. I’ve got the hat and if you don’t let me do my Hendrix solo, I’ll blow chunks into it.

8. Be out in a minute, I know I SHOULD be driving but I put it on cruise control, it will be arrright.

7. Toss me the Sunday paper, someone forgot to go to Costco again.

6. Spock this is Bones, beam me up.

5. Accordion music.

4. Take it easy on the brakes! I’m trying to shave my head.

3. Who wants some of this potato wine? I learned to make it in prison.

2. Can you hear me now?

1. Dudes, we really need an office. I’m having a hard time silk screening these t-shirts.