Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TOP Ten things jerk high rollers say at Las Vegas casino gigs by Al Carlos

10. Why do they want to dig up James Brown?

9. They call him Doc because he looks like your proctologist.

8. So Very Hard to grow? Is he talking about your hair or what?

7. I came to play too, but I lost my shorts.

6. You think the Young Man is wasting his time? He should try the quarter slots.

5. Why didn’t they tell us it was Raider nation tattoo night?

4. This is just great; they seat us in front of the horn section now I have to use the chin strap so my toupee doesn’t get blown off again.

3. Waiter, there has been a mistake, I’m not a high roller I’m a holy roller, and don’t do two drink minimums.

2. The bass player must have gotten the liver of an African American guy.

1. I wish I found a stroke instead of having one.