Monday, January 12, 2009

TOP Ten reasons to listen to, at work: by Al Carlos

10. The Babe/Hunk receptionist will no longer think you are a weenie.

9. East Bay folks will no longer eat your lunch, then deny it.

8. A constant reminder of how much your life doesn’t suck after work.

7. The music makes you feel much hipper than you really look.

6. There is a HUGE Chance the manager loves Kenny G., this will irate him/her.

5. Subliminal incentive to chug malt liquor during afternoon break time.

4. If a colleague recognizes one or more of the tunes, they have carpool potential.

3. If you are caught sticking your tongue out at the CEO, you can say that you were practicing a complicated horn riff.

2. The boss will fear that you are from Oakland and be really afraid to lay you off.

1. People may want to hang with you instead of hide from you after work.