Thursday, January 29, 2009

TOP Ten ways Strokeland records are dealing with the recession: By Al Carlos

10. Bumped back to coach, then standby.

9. Fat city horns using flutes and piccolos.

8. Melody came back broke and had to move back in.

7. Steve Finch wants Doc to pass the hat instead of wearing it at gigs.

6. Doctorfunk is now forced to take medical patients.

5. Mingo is now forced to fry the fish they trap.

4. Funkapino now sells Lumpias and rubber slippers at every gig.

3. Jack Mack’s band is finally on disability.

2. Zen Blues quartet -in debt, but haven’t actualized the experience yet.

1. Mark Doilin is lookin’ at tomorrow, but not thrilled about it.