Tuesday, December 2, 2008

TOP Ten signs a horn player overdid it during Thanksgiving holidays: By Al Carlos

10. Fingers are so fat hit three Fugalhorn keys at once.

9. Relatives still laughing about your conception of smoking a turkey and lack of eyebrows.

8. This morning Malt liquor stocks surge than split.

7. Fist fight with brother in law because you brought your own knife to carve the turkey.

6. Police who came to your house knew your first name and expected a plate of food.

5. Trumpet players can read sheet music off of their belly's.

4. Wore out your lips so you have to play the cowbell instead of the Alto.

3. Button popped off your pants and knocked the cat out.

2. Done found the stroke which required emergency chiropractic care.

1. Wind coming from multiple places during flute solo.