Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TOP Ten signs you are having an Oakland Thanksgiving: By Al Carlos

10. Ran out of Colt 45 before the early NFL game started.

9. Mother in law spent most of dinner talking about gum disease.

8. Leftovers included broke relatives passed out on the sofa whose feel smelled like popcorn.

7. Cousin tried to rob the 7-11 with new electric knife, but the cord was too short.

6. The Turkey had a tattoo that read, Property of Oakland Hells Angels.

5. Spent the day at Lake Merritt trying to kidnap a huge duck.

4. Woke up after a nap wearing a Mohawk made out of gravy, with gizzards sticking out of your ears and green beans out your nose.

3. When dinner came out of the kitchen your Uncle came out of the closet.

2. The whole freestyle rapping the grace thing, caused the church Deacon to slap you.

1. Your attorney made everyone sign a release before they could eat the mystery meat stuffing.