Thursday, November 20, 2008

TOP Ten messages on Strokeland Records answering machine: By Al Carlos

10. Hey Rocco from TOP, could those "Fat City" dudes introduce me to some chunky babes?

09. Yeah, calling for Ms. Streisand, tell The Doctor his people need my people, if they do they will be the luckiest people in the world.

08. Guys, Bruce Conte here, my cousin Victor wants the number for the new "Fat City" people, he says he has something that could help them skinny the funk up.

07. Blevins here from Mingo Fishtrap, wanted to welcome Jerry and Santa Fe, wanted to let y’all know that we still have the most ridiculous band name on the label.

06. Roger Smooth jazz Smith here, make sure those "Fat" horn homies don’t sit on my organ.

05. Steve, its Doc, has melody made a comeback yet? Text me.

04. Chris here from Funkiphino, listen man we are getting way too many calls from Manila because we sound way too much like Filipino, could the PR cats do something about this?

03. John March from Zen Blues quartet here, no message man, hear the silence.

02. Patrick Allen, bout time someone called me back.

01. Former President Clinton here, Could someone from the Hip Service band call me asap.