Sunday, December 28, 2008

TOP Ten signs a horn band fan overdid it during Xmas: by Al Carlos

10. The only way to get the freeloading relatives to leave was to blast the TOP DVD and lip-sync in Speedos.

9. Ate so much your scarf is now too short for your neck.

8. Credit card company guy came to your house and slapped you.

7. Mommy wasn't kissing Santa Claus, it was the biker dude from Oakland.

6. White Christmas included Brother in Law trying to snort the driveway.

5. The tune “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”, brings back some painful and embarrassing ER memories.

4. Someone crazy glued antlers onto your poodle.

3. Didn’t see any Elves until you ate the brownies.

2. By making minimum payments on your credit cards, this Xmas will be paid off the year the Raider nation gets off probation.

1. Spent 15 G’s on the family and you got a clip on tie and 9 dollar house shoes.