Monday, December 15, 2008

TOP Ten answers horn band members would give kids if they played mall Santa: by Al Carlos

10. Ho, Ho, Ho, not you Kid, the girl that just walked by, I know her type.

9. Forget a sleigh and Reindeer, this Santa rolls up in a rented van with 7 broke dudes.

8. Ask Mommy if she wants to sit on Santa's lap too?

7. Doctor Santa can wear any type of hat and even Woody Allen glasses if he wants to.

6. Good kid/ Bad kid! On The One! Hit it, Yes or No stat!

5. Ok, ok, you’ll get all that whatever…Does your Grandma make tamales?

4. Just because a Santa is from Oakland son, doesn’t mean he is doing it as court ordered community service.

3. Forget wanting a horn, the RR Hall of Fame hates that sort of thing.

2. You look familiar. What year were you born, how old are you, and does Mommy really, really, like soul music?

1. If I don't work I don't eat kid, I'm half deaf, so whadda want little Homie?