Monday, April 27, 2009

Tony Adamo’s Soul Funk Session/Strokeland Records

Tony Adamo’s Soul Funk Session/Strokeland Records

Fred E. Harris

Los Angeles, CA

Matt Boudreau’s Broken Radio Recording Studio, San Francisco, California was the perfect sound back drop for the soul funk artistry of singer-songwriter Tony Adamo’s smooth funk vocals and Jerry Stucker’s in the pocket production of a new cover for a Tower of Power (TOP) hit tune. The funky knockin’ song covered by Strokeland Record artist, Tony Adamo was written by Tower of Power co-founders, Stephen “Doc” Kupka and Emilio Castillo. This historical session was photographed by famed photographer, Mark Leialoha.

When “Doc” got hip to this new Adamo/Stucker arrangement he was in the groove and immediately signed on for the horn section. Mic Gillette, who has arranged and recorded on six Adamo/Stucker songs, wrote a funk show time arrangement for this new cover. Tom E. Politizer of TOP was brought in to do the lead solo. This funkifided TOP horn section combination blew the roof right off the Broken Radio Recording Studio sending their funky musical vibes into the soundosphere! At the end of the recording session “Doc” suggested two more TOP songs for Adamo to cover. Keep your ear to the streets for more to come.