Thursday, April 9, 2009

TOP Ten reasons to buy TOP’s Great American Soulbook: By Al Carlos

10. 40 Funking years in the making.

9. Find out if Me and Mrs. Jones, is about Sir Tom’s wife.

8. Who is Mr. Pitiful and where is all the money he swindled?

7. Joss Stone is probably not wearing shoes.

6. You can get what you want, if you know how to find it, by calling 634-5789.

5. Heaven missing an Angel is one thing, Oakland missing a Angel means a Hells Angel went back to jail.

4. The CD is #5 on Amazons TOP R&B sales charts, you can make it #1.

3. Still Sam and Dave, but now it’s Sam Moore and Dave Garibaldi.

2. Don’t let the title scare you, there is absolutely no reading involved.

1. Player hating Radio stations going to Have to play this one.