Friday, April 17, 2009

TOP Ten things a horn band fan does while home sick from work: By Al Carlos

10.Go on-line to find another job.

9. Catch All My Children, wishing you could look like or date Erica.

8. Take vicodin turn on BET and practice dance moves.

7. All day Horndrivenradio marathon, sign up for Bassoon lessons.

6. 2 shots of NyQuil can replicate taking 3 reds.

5. Spend the whole day angry you had to use a sick day being sick.

4. Call any professional musician because you know they are home.

3. Don’t do your hair, and then watch U tube then realize your bed head hair do is in style.

2. Clean out your closet only to find your shoes are so out of style that they are back in.

1. Fantasize about which band member you would like to be with, and if you are a guy, cut down on the beer and meds then turn off Oprah.