Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TOP Ten Oakland Halloween trick or treat do’s and don'ts: By Al Carlos

10.Always check your restraining orders before knocking on a door.

9. Keep a firm grasp of your candy bag, folks will open the door snatch the bag, slam the door then, deny you where there.

8. A “Trick” means something completely different to some people.

7. If you hear a shotgun rack, hit the ground. Let them cap guy dressed like Star Wars behind you.

6. Do not take a BBQ rib if it’s wrapped in a napkin.

5. Don’t ask folks what they are dressed as, some people look really scary and don’t wear costumes.

4. Newport cigarettes can be considered a treat.

3. Dressing like a cop is never funny.

2. No matter what they tell you, they are supposed to give YOU the treat.

1. Do not let anyone pack your goodie bag, or hold someones bag during a shakedown.