Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Comments on TOP's 40th Anniversary Show

Now that I have had some time to think about the Tower Of Power 40th anniversary performance I thought I would list some thoughts and observations.

**I wish a couple of friends were still with us to see the show. First of all Bruce Steinberg, we all know Bruce had a long association with the band and his presence was surely missed. Secondly, Ray Berzins a loyal TOP fan, who would not have missed this event. Both of these men were great friends and I personally miss them.

**It was amazing to see how well organized this event was from a performance level. The changes in personnel moved effortlessly. To think that 30 plus songs were performed, in about a three and one half hour time frame, with all the personnel changes, wow what a feat.

**A special tribute to Bill Graham, very nicely done.

**Emilio Castillo in a Tux, classy.

**Doc’s voice on Funk the Dumb Stuff, don’t hear that very often

**Herman Matthews running around with a camera, as much a fan taking it all in, as a performer.

**The fan participation was something to witness, everyone was involved, there was no need for the band to get the crowd moving they were ready.

**The power that comes from any instrument Mic Gillette plays. A few people mentioned to me that up close you could not only hear, but feel his playing.

**The sound and lighting was spot on.

I wish more of my internet friends who I have met over the years could have attended this event, you know who you are. I wish you could have been beside me, although I know a number of you caught the event via live streaming. Thanks Monster Cable for that one.

Lastly, I would like to say to the band and everyone else involved with this event. To the average viewer like me, the event came off flawlessly. I know that this was no small task, and a logistics nightmare I am sure, but you could not detect it. Well done Tower of Power.