Friday, October 10, 2008

TOP Ten ways we cut back during recession in Oakland: by Al Carlos

10. 30tys generic beer instead of 40tys of premium malt liquor.

9. Instead of driving to vacation in Mexico, get deported for a few weeks.

8. Go to horn band concerts with wet hair after hair cut and get a free blow dry.

7. What recession? It’s always been like this.

6. No more Raider tickets get all dressed up like a demon then stay home and hurl murderous insults at the TV.

5. Trade the minivan for a Harley then blame Bush for forcing you into it.

4. Temporary tattoos.

3. Homemade hamburgers that look like hockey pucks.

2. The band has to stay on the road for another 40 years.

1. Collect gold teeth for cash.