Monday, August 1, 2011

TOP Ten ways office people celebrate Birthdays in Oakland By Al Carlos

10. Bacardi 151 in your commute coffee thermos.

9. Spend the day bar hopping, slap fighting and wrist wrestling on Harley’s with band members.

8. Go to lunch with the babe receptionist and don’t come back.

7. Whoever announces your real age gets eyebrows shaved while napping.

6. Its Birthday not Birfday, dork.

5. Sit down, have a smoke, tell a joke, and clown some old folk.

4. Re gifting should not include open bottles of carbonated liquor.

3. Any cakes without your name on it are stolen.

2. Potato salad is considered a thoughtful gift as long as you give the Tupperware back.

1. It is customary if given a Lottery ticket, to break off the giver half, should you win anything over a Hunnad.