Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New To Horn Driven Radio...Tacoma Washington's "Bump Kitchen"

Added to our rotation last week are three songs from the Tacoma Washington based band "Bump Kitchen". We are currently playling the songs "Big Ol' Bones","I Told You So", and "Who Ordered the Waffle?" from Bump Kitchen's CD " Live at Yale". Here's a review of the band:

“… Lucky for us, while other groove merchants have headed straight for the cover band circuit, Bump Kitchen has also been here keeping Grit City’s booties shakin’ with original funk jams. Bump Kitchen shows are known for intense energy and Harper’s rich, soulful vocals. But personally, my favorite part of the band’s set is when the Bittler runs through the crowd during a frenzied keytar solo. Really, the keytar deserves a revival on par with the whole cowbell comeback from a few years back. Are you with me, people? Maybe not. But I’m not the only one with a fever for more keytar. “When he jumps off and Tony jumps offstage, those cats become unglued,” James said. “The crowd loves it. The women love it, the guys love it. It’s just a great time.”

Ernest A. Jasmin – Tacoma News Tribune

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