Sunday, August 7, 2011

Latest Greg Adams Kickstarter Update

Here we are, 3 DAYS AWAY from the end of a campaign that has been amazing from the very first minute of the East Bay Soul 2.0 launch.
Thanks to all our recent backers!  And to those that were with us from the beginning and to the many who upped the ante in True Funk Soldier fashion! We are making strides and creeping closer tour goal and more confident everydayWE WILL MAKE IT TO 25 THOUSDAND DOLLARS! 
We had a glitch this morning and we are waiting for kickstarter to get back to us with the corrected update. We are 125 Strong and the correct amount Pledged is $21,238! There is nothing wrong with being able to Pledge... Thankfully!  So... Please keep pushing and spreading the word far and wide and remember every little bit helps! 
The band is really excited that we are nearing the finish line... and last night in Detroit there were chants "We are going to make a record: There is really something special about anticipating starting to record and having you all involved on the fornt end has made that anticipation something that is really exciting! 
We are almost 85% to our our goal. JUST 3 DAYS TO GO!! $3,732 to 100%. WE CAN DO THIS!  
All I can say to you over and over and over again is THANK YOU!  
Soulfully yours,
Greg and the East Bay Soul Family
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