Monday, August 8, 2011

Greg Adams Short Story Replay

Greg Adams posts shorts stories from his career in music on the East Bay Soul Facebook page.  Here is a replay of one of those stories.

Greg Writes: In the late '70s and through the '80s we (TOP) would play Harrah's Casinos in South Lake Tahoe and Reno 3 times a year. One week back to back. At this time we were playing the Cabaret, not the headliner's room, The High Sierra Theater. I think that's what it's called at the lake, anyway.  We'd do 2 sets a night alternating with the topless/magic show.

This particular week, Sammy Davis, Jr. was in the big room. How cool was that?  In between our shows we'd scoot in and grab an empty seat or stand in the wings backstage and catch part of his show. He'd do the same sometimes when we were playing our set. Once again, how cool was that? Sam the man!

You could tell he was mellowing with age very gracefully, yet he was still very on top of his game and lived up to his legendary status.  He really would push the audience's buttons when need be.  As the week went on, the hang got cooler and cooler. As the last night of his and our week came closer, he said, "Hey man, let's have a party after the gig on Saturday". A party with Sammy Davis Jr. Once again, how cool is that? Con Conk a Jong  In his suite no less! Oh, by the way, did anybody know that he cooked gourmet Chinese food? He spent the day cooking in the hotel kitchen 8-course dinner for about 25 of us, cast and crew, from both our bands, and the T and A show. Unbelievably delicious! He made a list for the kitchen to get the items he needed and they came through with everything.

So here we were. It looked like a scene out of Playboy After Dark, what with all the dancers languishing, and I mean languishing around the suite. Only thing missing was Hef.
As we ate, he very humbly held court and for about an hour answered questions and told stories about his career. Unbelievable Rat Pack stories. Can't repeat them here. Never will. How cool was that? A once in a lifetime experience for me.

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