Thursday, July 29, 2010

TOP Ten reasons they want Bump City Bill out of the hospital :By Al Carlos

(Get well my Friend we are all praying for you Homie)

10. Keeps asking the nurses to help find his stroke.

9. There is no such thing as a malt liquor IV drip.

8. After the heart is stabilized, wants them to fix his hips so he can dance better.

7. Puts his gown on backwards on purpose.

6. Has his laptop cranked to the Max with

5. Keep asking who is Myrtle and why are they calling her a "Beach?''

4. Waking up saying, “There is no place like Oakland; there is no place like Oakland…”

3. Asking the Nurse practitioner if he can take her temperature.

2. He is accusing all the other patients of having Honky Pox.

1. He keeps telling staff he is a Bumpster, not a Teamster.