Thursday, July 8, 2010

Update on Josh Shpak

Last week we posted info about Josh Shpak who at 17 sat in with Tower of Power a few weeks ago.

I have been in contact with Michael Miller Josh's mentor.  Michael has been the one recording all of the video's about Josh that are on youtube. Below is an email that Michael sent to Mic Gillette, after our article and a posting on Tower Of Power's site:

Dear Mic,

This whole thing for Josh is like the most awesome dream-come-true! He'll be amazed to learn that a story about him and his clips are now on the Tower of Power website! And he (and Noah, Clark, Gwen and I) were all amazed at the story your internet radio friend (HornDrivenRadio) wrote on Josh...we read it at the dinner table last night at Clark's (Clark Terry) house!

You have done yet another wonderful thing in the life of young Josh....

Thanks so very much for letting him share in some of the awesomeness that you are!

Aloha from Clarkansas,

Looks like Josh is in good hands with Michael on his side.
Josh performing Your Still A Young Man with TOP:

Here's a video of Josh with Mic Gillete from a few years ago: