Friday, May 25, 2007

Station Update

Songs Added May 25, 2007

The following songs were added to the station today. Quite a few of the songs added are from bands outside of the US. Check out the International Funk!

• Makin' It Up-Hamish Stuart
• I Can Take It-Drori-Hansen Furniture
• Ain't Nobody Home-Howard Tate
• Schmackofatz-Jazzkantine, Nils Landgren & Pee Wee Ellis
• Respect-Paulo Mendoca
• The Shorty Shuffle-Bill Evans
• Ain't No Stoppin Now-Himlavasen
• Time To Play-Peter Friestedt
• Heavy Pooh-Zapp Zapp
• Chicklets-Chad Rager Groove
• Too much cake-Heavytones
• Hit me with your rhythm-Mi22
• Later-Hamish Stuart
• Funksway-Sage
• Vamp Intro (Reprise)-Big Horns Bee
• I Couldn't Let You Go-Freeport
• I'll Go Crazy-James Brown & Joe Cocker
• Moving-Nils Gessinger
• Give it up-Nils Landgren
• One More Dance-Super Funky Express
• In The Beginning-Newtone
• Do The Boomeloom-Ridin' Thumb
• Grunt-The JB's

Special Thanks to Peter Svensson for the MP3's. And again thanks to TC for adds from the Vault.