Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Station Update For August 07, 2007

The offical shipping date of Strokeland Records new release "Bumped Up To First Class" is this Friday August 10th. With this in mind SoulRadioOnline.com has added two additional songs from this CD to its current playlist. The songs added today are "It Is What It Is" and "A Soulful Kinda Love". That brings the total to four songs from this news CD being played in our rotation, the other two songs are "When Will Colin Powell Write His Tell All Book" and "Just In Case You Wondered".

Also, today we are adding three songs from Herman Matthews new CD "Home At Last". To find out more about this CD visit :http://soulmusiconline.com/soul-music-news/2007/08/05/herman-matthews-releases-solo-cd-home-at-last/ or Herman's web site http://www.hermanmatthews.com/. The songs added to the playlist are as follows: "Junk In The Trunk", "Not Another Lover", and "Function At The Junction".