Monday, October 1, 2007

Soul Radio Online Spurs National Airplay for Tony Adamo

Soul Radio Online spurs national airplay for Tony Adamo. "This article published on"
One never quite knows where, and how, publicity and airplay will leverage the success of an artist’s CD. In the case of Tony Adamo, it’s all good news.
Tony Adamo writes: “Can you dig it? I hope you got my email on picking up my CD, STRAIGHT UP DEAL, for radio promo and marketing in the USA. This opportunity happened because of the airplay SoulRadioOnlinecom gave to STRAIGHT UP DEAL. A mighty hip thank you to you Raoul Fernandes (Program Director, Soul Radio Online).”
Want to hear what all the fuss is about? Visit
Tony Adamo’s MySpace page. Among Tony’s guest artists on Straight Up Deal are Doc Kupka and Mic Gillette.
Andy Ebon - CEO of Soul
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