Thursday, November 29, 2007


December 01 is our one year anniversary. We would like to thank all the Artists who have supported the station as well as the listeners. Thanks again, and we have some new things coming up our second year so keep listening.

A very special thanks to TC in Canada, and to Peter in Sweden, for opening up their musical vaults and sharing with us.

Soon we will be changing the length of our rotation from seven hours down to four and one half hours. We have had quite a few listeners tell us that they would like to hear certain songs more frequently, and since no one really stays on-line for seven hours at a time we are listening to your requests. The station will be updated with new music at least weekly perhaps more frequently.

For the Holiday Season, beginning December 10th our rotation will have a large dose of Soul, Funk, and Jazz Christmas music.

That's it for now.....