Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TOP TEN things Mingo Fishtrap does when they play Seattle by Al Carlos

10. Go to Pikes market and squeeze local melons.

9. Take the underground tour to see if they can find deadbeat Dad musician friends from Texas.

8. Explain to bus boys its “Mingo”, not “Gringo” Fishtrap.

7. Go to the world’s first Starbucks and thank them for keeping them touring all these years.

6. Explain to the former rock players that the Needle is not literally from Space.

5. Try not to wear pointy cowboy boots while walking down steep hills.

4. Go to Seahawk Games in Dallas Cowboys gear and start fights.

3. Visit Woodland park zoo, and trap fish.

2. Visit Dr, Funk for yearly alcohol performance tolerance aptitude tests.

1. Stop by Oakland on the way over from Austin to pick up some Everett and Jones BBQ.