Sunday, November 2, 2008

TOP TEN ways The Fillmore DVD would be different shot in Oakland: By Al Carlos

10. Band members would arrive in stolen Town Cars rather than rented vans.

9. 16 horn players at once, someone would have been served with court documents.

8. Brian and Raoul would be mistakened for Teamster mob bosses.

7. Free 510 area code tattoo's instead of comemorative posters.

6. DVD shot entirely by police surveillance cameras.

5. Extra security to prevent Bounty Hunters from going after the audience.

4. A limited edition deck of cards issued with band x-wife pictures on them.

3. VIP would be defined as Very Important Parolees.

2. A bootleg copy of the show would be available outside during the show.

1. The audience may have shot back.