Sunday, June 21, 2009

Greg Adams and “East Bay Soul”

Greg Adams new project, “East Bay Soul” will be releasing its first CD on September 22, 2009. The 11 song CD, an incredible mix of soul funk jazz and rhythm and blues vocals will be available September 22, 2009. East Bay Soul is in the studio recording now and will release the first single, "Survival Of The Hippest" on July 21 to radio and streaming worldwide!

In conjunction with ALM Management (East Bay Soul's management company) we are please to announce the following:

You will hear “Survival of the Hippest” first here at “Survival Of The Hippest” will be made available to us a week or two earlier than the official release date. The exact date this song hits our rotation will be announced in early July.


Pre order to receive an Autographed Copy of the East Bay Soul CD. Visit the East Bay Soul store at and select the Pre Order option to receive an autographed copy of East Bay Soul before the release date.

For more information go to following web sites: