Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TOP Ten reasons horn players take up golfing: By Al Carlos

10. Already had the pants from the 80tys.

9. He misunderstood; it’s playing 18 Holes, not Ho’s.

8. Gets to wash road socks in the ball washer.

7. Golf bag doubles as gig bag, one horn, one club and several beers.

6. Figures since there is a Tiger Woods who is black, one could be the Pecker Woods if he is white.

5. A great place to meet women with good jobs and health insurance.

4. Has been known to use a baritone as a driver and set course records.

3. Now days have more time than money, less gigs means more golf.

2. Hang out with car salesmen who don’t have anything to do


1. Every time he yells Four, drummer reminds him it’s always on the One.