Monday, July 6, 2009

TOP Ten things overheard at band member 4th of July fishing trip:

10. I’ve got your pole right here.

9. If you do that dance barefoot in the water it will traumatize the fish.

8. No matter how hard you try, Catfish cannot be sucked in by a flugelhorn.

7. Paddling a canoe with a bass will cause it to make severe left turns.

6. Using fried Chicken as bait only works on East Bay women.

5. Don’t change Speedos in the middle of a stream either. (See # 9)

4. Be sure to keep your Organ dry.

3. A trout boat shouldn’t have a blown 350 V-8 Cadillac North star engine.

2. Popcorn, Beer and Cornuts are not 3 square meals.

1.A good band vacation would be not seeing your mug for a few months.