Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TOP Ten things over heard at East Bay Soul headquarters By: Al Carlos

10.I thought EBS was emergency broadcast system, maybe it is.

9. Dude, It's survival of the hippest, not hippies.

8. No jug wine, no ribs, no Bimbos, should be East Bay Hills Soul.

7. Must be legit, I yelled out, "Who got warrants?" and no one left.

6. Middle East Bay Soul, would not be able to get on a plane to go anywhere.

5. Master blasters like Greg and Lee going blow the wigs hats off the front row.

4. Metro Jazz, smooth blues and funk, for those who are no longer drunk.

3. Capturing the artistic vibe of the East Bay without actually visiting Oakland.

2. Most are successful graduates of the University of Tower of Power.

1. Finesseful urban colored soul 40 years later.